Self Confessed Germ Freak

Germ Freak ALERT!! I don’t know if you would call it obsessive compulsive but I am always thinking about the germs on surfaces, on my hands and even in the air. I like to teach my girls good personal hygiene at a young age and get them into it early. And with Winter there is always loads of germs going around like the cold, tummy bug and so much more. With these bacteria and germs around it is super important to wash your hand properly and regularly to prevent your sickness from spreading.
And I have been given the chance to try a brand NEW product thanks to Dettol that helps keep them little hand germ free, and that product is:
Dettol Healthy Touch Hand Wash
Did you know that hand washing is one of the best ways to help prevent the spread of germs? New Dettol Revitalise Antibacterial Handwash not only provides your skin with a delicate care and fresh fragrance, it also kills 99.9% of germs to help your family stay healthy. Containing Raspberry & Pomegranate, its unique gentle formulation and lathering power leaves your family’s hands feeling soft, revitalised and cleansed of germs. Dermatologically tested.
There are three different varieties in this range which include:
Sensitive: containing pure Glycerine, its non irritating formula is gentle on skin and is suitable for frequent usage
Revitalize: containing Raspberry & Pomegranate, its unique and invigorating formula leaves your hands fresh and cleansed of bacteria
Delight: containing Apricot & Honey, its gentle formula and lathering power leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturised
I was sent the Revitalize and found the scent to be absolutely divine, and almost edible. I love how squeaky clean Dettol hand wash makes my hand feel.
Now I have tried the hand wash I am hoping to go beyond hand hygiene with Dettol and introduce the entire range of Dettol cleaning products to my home. I have actually gone out yesterday and purchased the Dettol wipes, which I shall be sure to pop a review up when some time opens up.
Here are some handy little facts I will conclude this review with:
NEW…Discover the Dettol Hand Wash range:
   A new formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and remove viruses for clean hands everyday!
   An improved level of fragrance to deliver at each drop a superior hand wash experience for your senses
   New packaging with a more feminine shape