Christmas In July at Sovereign Hill

We arrived to Sovereign Hill and were greeted by the lovely staff only to be told our pram with the new breed on wheelbarrows haha. I also noticed on our way up there that you could actually hire Sovereign Hill’s own prams for only $5.00, which I think is handy to know.

The main reason we headed all the way up there was for Christmas In July and the snow. I had been to Sovereign Hill not that long ago, and boy oh boy Christmas In July totally made over the old town. Driving to Sovereign Hill is a bit of a drive, taking us 1hr 30mins to get there but was very scenic.

There was pretty pine Christmas Trees all decorated throughout the old school down, as well as a wreath hanging on each door. I cannot believe how pretty it was and how much a little decoration could change the town. The moment we were waiting for happened; snow in Ballarat. Outside of the Victorian Theatre they have snow fall from the sky three times a day (11:30, 1:30 and 3:30) I loved it and so did the kids, they had an absolute ball trying to catch the snow, which is actually a really light foam. I like the fact that it is a foam that just looks like snow as it is easy to wipe off and away and doesn’t make you more cold then this Winter does.

Speaking about Winter I was surprised at how good the weather was for us on a Winter’s day, there was sunshine and my daughter was warm enough to take her coat off. I could not believe how inviting Ballarat was with their weather and I will be heading back there to see what else they have to offer. 

The only thing that was upsetting having little ones is the fact that we couldn't go down into the mines, as your not aloud to have little ones down there. But I wouldn't take them down there anyway as it will be quite dark and scary for them. But apart from that with children there is still loads of things to do.

Now you cannot leave Sovereign Hill without buying something from the main town strip. Whether it is candles, food, jams, lollies and so much more. I would seriously travel all the way up to Ballarat just for the Sovereign Hill boiled lollies and their Tomato Chutney (but I am so upset that I did not buy any.) Once I was in the car I remembered about it, and got quite upset.

There is so many hours of fun to be had at Sovereign Hill, we panned for gold right at the end and actually found about 6 specks, which Hayley was extremely proud of. We could have stayed there for so long and just kept panning away under the Winter sun. There were tonnes of kids there but you can easily sneak into the river to have a pan, although waiting up at the shop for a panning license or a little gold jar can take quite a while. Our family was given a massive shock when the police man let of his gun to warn all the gold miners that they better have their gold license to pan, which only costs $1 at the shop and then $2 for the little jar to pop your panned gold in. Then Hayley went into the candle works and dip dyed her very own candle, which is now going on the dinner table.  We had an old school bowl at the bowling alley found at the back of the town. I could just go on and on with all the things we did but I will let you have the fun and leave some surprises.

There is always loads of parking, and if you can’t get one in the main car park you can always find one across the road at the Gold Museum. Actually with the Gold Museum, when you buy a ticket into Sovereign Hill you get entry into the Gold Museum which is very interesting and informative. Below is a price list where you will see the prices of entry. I think they are very affordable considering the entertainment that awaits you when you step back in time and enter Sovereign Hill. 

I would also like to add that Sovereign Hill is totally wheelchair friendly, so that any family member in a wheelchair can enjoy what Sovereign Hill has to offer.