Elmo's World Tour

Round the world with alpha magic, well take a trip that geographic. Along with Elmo and some of his close friends we traveled to different countries on this planet Earth to help find Abby Cadabby’s first favourite wand.

Abby Cadabby makes magic and alphabet letters appear from the letter box..  There's one problem her second ever wand is broken hence the reason for travelling to Australia to try and found her first ever wand.  But with the letter mix-ups this gives the friends a chance to find countries starting with the letter Abby magically brings out of the box.
On the stage we met all our favourite Sesame Street characters, which included:
Abby Cadabby
Grover  (and super grover)
Big bird
We also got to meet some of the other Sesame Street furry friends, in their bathroom we were surprisingly greeted by Bert, Ernie and of course rubber ducky. They receive a postcard from their friends who have just visited Zambia. The audience was also showered with pretty popping bubbles, this was a great effect that really got all the children up and wanting to catch them.
Then we met Count Dracula and his bats in his scary dark castle. Drac taught us how to count and sang us some pretty cool songs.
We also got to meet my favourite cookie monster, but he created a little bit of trouble.  C is for cookie was meant to be for China, but they couldn't head there cause Cookie Monster ate it :-) but Abby makes some magic to get cookie another C as he got quite upset that friends couldn't travel to a place on the globe starting with C.  But first Abby needs to practice her magic to make it happen. With a wave of her wand and a big poof... There appeared a letter O.. But cookie takes a closer looks only to take a big bite out of the side to create a letter C :-) But Cookie Monster being Cookie could not help himself and ate it all up on the way to China!! Sounds a little bit like a big cookie monster in my house named Matthew that magically makes the cookies from the pantry disappear.

When the team travelled to different countries they learnt how to say “Hello”  as well as some of the things the do and eat in the countries. The countries covered by Elmo and his friends were:
F-France (bonjour)
Z-Zambia (bwanji)
I-India (namastÄ“- pronounced namastay)
C-China (ni3 hao3 pronounced Nee how)
A- AUSTRALIA  where we say G’Day
Then of course Elmo and his friends bump into Lady Baabaa- (sheep traveller) from Australia (G'day.) I think this is meant to be a funny character like Lady GaGa and even sings like her with her BaBa GaGa business. Lady BaaBaa is a traveller and ready to go home so Abby tries her magic for a letter A for Abby and for Australia.  And she does it first shot, the friends get super excited as they will be able to find Abby Cadabby’s first ever wand. So off they sent to the world down under, and met and sang some Aussie songs.

And of course the show concluded back at Elmo’s home; Sesame Street.
While waiting at the merchandise stand I did notice on the TV they mention Discount Parking at Parkade Secure Parking which I had no idea about. But you will never be short of parking around there and if you’re willing to pay $10-$20 you will find parking within minutes walking distance.
Now talking about merchandise, it is really inexpensive and very well priced. We bought Madison a Elmo T-Shirt, a program and even a show bag packed with Elmo and friends goodies; All of that for $50!!!!
This link above you can find tickets in a State near you.

Im not quite sure who enjoyed the show more, Miss Madison or us big parents :0) I loved the show and I even caught Matt singing a few songs.