Eles Masquerade Collection Review

Eles Masquerade Collection
Each polish is $20 and can be purchased here.

This media sendout I received would have to be one of the best ones I have received yet. Just opening it and seeing the masquerade mask sitting on top of the package made me want to get my party on, let alone seeing the amazing shades inside.

The collection has been pieced together nicely and the colours really do match the whole masquerade theme and more.  The Nude Contessa and Phantom Black are my favourite shades.

Eles has used a great formula in their polishes and these are a treat to pop on your nails. The only problem I found was the metallic such as the Carnivale Copper and Baroque Bronze were a bit streaky and no matter what I did I couldnt get it on without streaks. The Colombia gold is the same sort of formula and metallic only this on goes on smooth and not a streak in site, so I am not sure what is going on there.

Eles Masquerade Collection consists of 12 shades, which include:
Nude Contessa                           Veronese Orchid
Orthello Orange                         Purple Royale
Vivaldi Blue                              Tintoretto Teal
Phantom Black                           Baroque Bronze
Casanova Red                            Carnivale Copper
Colombia Gold                            Fuchsia Fontana

Nude Contessa
Is a beautiful nude and one of the first I have found that don’t clump on the nail and sort of separate. The formula is a dream to work with.

Orthello Orange
Looks super neon in the bottle but isn’t so intense on the nail, I don’t know if that is a positive or not because I would love to get a neon bright thick colour from ELES.

Vivaldi Blue
This is a lovely aquamarine/light blue shade that has a beautiful glimmer to it. I think out of the two different blue/teal this would have to be my favourite. Plus it goes on without any streaks or anything.

Phantom Black
Is exactly what the name suggests, a glossy black when it goes on that sets down into a matte finish! I haven’t been a very keen one on matte finishes but this just works.

Casanova Red
A beautiful popping red that reminds me of the freshest of fresh bright red roses. This add a lovely hint of class any of my outfits and gets everyone’s attention. And I love pairing this up with an intense red lippy.

Colombia Gold
I wore this to Sovereign Hill as I always match my nails to the occasion and I adore this gold so, so much. You don’t even need a second coat if you don’t want to as it goes on quite thick. Another plus about this is the fact it is easy to remove from your nails and there is no need for foil and acetone soaks.

Veronese Orchid
Is a beautiful orchid shade and my daughter loves having this on her nails. The reason for me allowing her to use these polishes is it dries in no time ( Miss Hayley is not the most patient person I have met haha.)  But it also kind of looks like a lavender colour.

Purple Royale
This looks like a lovely colour in the bottle, but will require a couple of coats. I found when I put the first coat on it looked quite opaque. But when the two coats are on it looks fab!

Tinttoretto Teal
Now to me when on my nails this looks like a greeny moss colour. I have no idea when I will be wearing this but I am sure there will be an event coming up I can pair it with.. Or I will have to just go shopping to find something to wear that goes hehe.

Baroque Bronze
This was a little bit streaky on my nails and I have no idea why. I used ridge filler, applying thick coats and light coats but nothing seemed to stop it. But when I let the polish sit and dry on my nails, the streaks add to the cool look of this colour and it kind of looks like a rusty look.

Carnivale Copper
To me this shade is more of a burnt orange then a copper. I would picture a glimmer in copper but this is a plain polish. But a plain polish that I love, I have already worn this colour many times and I think is a shade you will see a lot of in Spring.

Fuchsia Fontana
A Glimmery pink/purple shade that is super bright and eye catching. This reflects of the light beautifully and really does bling. I wore this shade to Legally Blonde (The second time I went.)

Now I have these polishes and a fantastic mask all I need is a Masquerade Party, any takers?

Ahh, well until a Masquerade party pops up I will use these polishes on a day to day basis and also use them to help match my nails to my events. I have started to do a lot of matching nails to the events and outings I attend, even though I dont have model hands I still have fun.