Heinz Baby Basics Twist Soft Tip Spoons Review

Heinz Baby Basics BPA Free Twist Soft Tip Spoons
3pk (RRP $5.99)

If only I had found these earlier on in both my kids life, it would have made a massive difference and feeding time on the go so much more easier. I love using the food pouches and even bought a kit where you could make your own, the only pain was trying to get the stuff on the spoon cleanly (that’s if I remembered a spoon.) Usually I would just have the kids suck the puree straight out of the pack, but my daughter has gone funny with certain things in her mouth and just gags. So when these spoons arrived I thought I would try her with the pouches again only this time I popped them on the spoon, she devoured the pouch and wanted more.
Spoon-feeding is an exciting time for parents as they get to watch their baby develop and grow. The recommended time to start experimenting with solids and feeding with a spoon is from 4 6 months old.

The BPA Free Twist Soft Tip Spoons help babies develop and progress to the next stage of feeding. Carefully sized and specially designed to ‘twist’ directly onto babies favourite food pouch, the food pouch can be gently squeezed onto the spoon tip perfect for busy parents on the go. It fits on all Heinz Baby Food Pouches, and other major brand food pouches.

I do love these very much and will continue to use these on the rest of my family to come. I use this with the pureed fruit all the time with the girls now, even my four year old still loves apple puree and loves the novelty of this spoon.

Heinz Baby Basics® ‘Soft Twist Top Spoon Tips 3pk’ can be purchased NOW at Coles, Big W, Toys R Us and selected Pharmacies.
Stock list information: 1800 506 750 www.heinzforbaby.com.au