When The Last Choice Essence Gel Mask Review

Nothing feels worse than dry, flaky and tired skin and it certainly does not look good when you try to apply foundation of top of the dry skin. When the seasons change my skin and hair likes to change as well, which really sucks but at the same time is a great opportunity to try and buy new face products. Introducing
When Essence Gel Mask The Last Choice designed to drench your deserted skin in super hydrating moisture. Which is exactly what my skin was in need of, but not only the hydration part for me facial masks are super relaxing (as long as the kids are happy and not screaming down the house.) Sometimes I have a little fun with my daughter who is only 5 and we do little mini face masks I have the bought ones and I make up little food ones for her that consist on cream, honey and cucumber eyes. But now I have tried the new cloth masks that are a lot less messy she wants to try these. I attempted to pop one on her face, but her features were just so tiny it didn’t work. So I made her one just like mummy with paper towel and edible facemask products.
When The Last Choice uses an innovatively designed bio-cellulose essence gel sheet created from fermented coconut. The unique second skin design holds 10 times more liquid nutrients than your traditional paper masks, which means more moisture rich nutrients for your skin!
When The Last Choice is saturated with Swiss Alpine Herb extracts, Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed, Bamboo Stem, Pine Leaf and Ginseng, which combined boosts hydration and helps maintain moisture levels of the skin.
The perfect sip of moisture for your skin on the go or a relaxing spa night at home, When The Last Choice is easy to use. Simply peel the paper backing from the essence gel sheet and press the mask to the face. Once the mask is neatly formed to the face, peel the thin paper sheet and enjoy The Last Choice’s soothing, sensual facial.
The best place for me to use the When The Last Choice face masks if soaking in a hot bubbly bath with a glass of Moscato sitting next to me, just writing this is making me want to whip out another mask and jump in the bath. And to top it off I always play some relaxing music, my fav is rainforest noises or the beach. Every Mummy deserves her own space and relaxation, after all the day can bring a lot of stresses and you always need down time. The When The Last Choice is a great way inexpensive way to unwind.
After a quick 30-minute dip, remove the mask and massage the ultra- lightweight gel into your face for an added boost of moisture. No need to rinse!
My skin just loves this mask so much, it soaks up all the moisture leaving my skin supple and full of life again. My foundation also thanks me, as I don’t look like a skin shredding snake when my foundation has been applied.
When The Last Choice Essence Gel Mask
RRP $12.95 (individual) Box Set of 4: $39.95
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** I will add some photos of me using the actual masks, I am just waiting for my order to arrive as I got to excited and used the products without taking photos :/ Shows how amazing these products really are.