American Crew's SuperGlue and Grooming Cream keeps my man looking clean.

SUPERGLUE ($29.95)

American Crew presents SUPERGLUE - the latest addition to its Classic styling range.
Providing industrial strength hold, and unprecedented shine, this hairstyling gel delivers gravity defying hair with a bold and masculine look.
SUPERGLUE will help achieve memorable and unique styles to turn heads all day – and all night.
“The SUPERGLUE look is rockabilly with an edge. It’s more sculpted than the classic 50s look, offering more movement to the shape and providing a spin-off from
the classic pompadour,” says American Crew Australia Team Crew member, Phoenix Thomson.
Men who like the old school, classic style, but want the freedom to show-off their personality with a modern twist will love the new SUPERGLUE product.
The moisturising gel formula thickens hair, to prevent hair damage, and improve lustre and shine, whilst maintaining extreme holding power and definition.
Whether creating a bold pompadour, crafting a stylish sweep or looking to add some texture, SUPERGLUE styling is easy – simply mold a generous amount of SUPERGLUE into towel-dried hair, style as desired and allow to dry naturally.
Now my partner is no rockabilly but he does like his hair nicely groomed. Lately he has been shaving his hair and having it short. But with the colder days come a longer top, he likes his head warm for the Winter. When I asked Matthew if he would review these products he said he would be more then happy to and it was a product he used to use all the time when he was younger. He told me he used to use a product that had a blue container… Little did he know that they have actually changed their design and packaging! And when they arrived in the mail he was actually impressed with the fancy packaging and said it looked a lot more classy then he remembered back in the day. The product itself is quite thick and slippery like a gel. Matt used it in his hair when he got out of the shower  after towel drying it, and then let it set as his hair dried. And when it did dry his hair stood up in cute little spikes. One thing I loved is the way it made his hair smell. He does not preferably like the hard set hair and is more a wax kind of guy

Another Product Daddy Matt was sent was the:

American Crew Grooming Cream – RRP $29.95

Use to create a straight, sleek look or to soften naturally curly or wavy hair with conditioning elements such as aloe vera. Repels moisture to keep styles intact and provides excellent hold and shine.

This was right down his alley and is like a product he currently uses. He can be a bit iffy when it comes to hair products and what he will and wont put in his hair. . But because he has used American Crew before he was more then happy to give it a crack. And after he did he was glad, he said this product reminded him very much like the blue packaged product he used to use in his younger days. This products texture is very much like a wax kind of texture. I will have to say I have acutally used a tiny bit of this product in my daughters hair when she got out of the bath. She has really curly hair, this really made them curl and bounce.  But Matt has used this ever since receiving them in the mail.  I don’t think he was keen on the price to start with and thought it was a little steep. But then after using the Grooming Cream he realised there was a reason for the decent price and that was because the quality was unlike any other men’s product on the market. He was very happy with this product, and a happy Daddy means a happy Mummy.

These products are available at American Crew authorised salons around Australia. For stockist details, please call 1800 104 204 or visit