Paul Mitchell KIDS

Today I would love to speak about a product that came into my possession which has made bath time and hair time with my kids a breeze. And these products come from the Paul Mitchell KIDS range, which I never even knew existed. I have finally found a hair product that works and is super gentle and will be one I use for a long time now. As you will see in the photos my youngest daughter who is usually a screaming mess when it comes to washing her hair, is now full of smiles which makes mummy happy.

Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo- $19.95
This special shampoo was designed with baby’s skin and scalp in mind. Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo has been formulated with unique moisturising and soothing qualities.
I don’t care what anybody says, for me this lets me smell my kids like they were new born babies again. The scent of this product is that of a new born baby wash and shampoo. I love it so much and so do my girls.
The shampoo I have been using has been quite tricky to use as it makes my girls eyes sting if we don’t do it right, and washing my youngest hair is the biggest pain it is not very easy trying to encourage my 2 year old to lay down while I rinse her hair. The reason that the baby don’t cry shampoo is so gentle is the fact that it has a neutral pH which stops the tears from flowing because it is so gentle.
Soothes- Chamomile and cone flower extract help calm and soothe the skin and scalp.
Both my daughters hair look and feel amazing after using this shampoo. My youngest Madison has really curly ringlets and some shampoo’s and 2 in 1’s don’t agree with curly hair and often leave her with straightened out limp hair, which gets me down because I love my babies hair. Are there any mummies out there that have also used this product and love it?

Taming Spray- $19.95
This lightweight, leave-in conditioner helps calm, control and comb through kids’ most difficult tangles, leaving hair feeling great and full of body and shine.
As I have said above my youngest daughter has ringlets, so she is often left with unmanageable hair especially in the morning. Morning times in our house are usually full of tears as I try to brush out the knots and tangles, I hate it so much I am often left in tears for making my babes cry. But now there is no more tears and is so much more easier to brush those knots out. The only problem I have now is keeping my youngest in my lap to brush her hair, as she hates it and is now scared it will hurt. I don’t even have to let the brush touch her hair she screams oouuwww. But I use a tangle teezer as well and now brushing hair is a breeze. This smells exactly like the shampoo, so that fresh baby yummy, eat her al up kind of smell. The only negative (which isn’t exactly a negative) is the fact that when you spray this product is comes out quite strong and not in a mist, but this may be because of the fact it needs quite a bit of product to work quickly. But I don’t mind it because of the fact that my daughter’s hair gets really knotty.
Fast Acting- Penetrates quickly, leaving hair fresh and full of body.
Happy Kids- Excellent for use on children’s “morning hair

Stockist is 1300 365 350.