Water Buddies

Water Buddies, the first to market low-sugar flavoured kids’ water range in Australia, are packed with pure New Zealand spring water and a splash of natural flavour, presented in a colourful, interactive bottle kids will love, making it child’s play to encourage young ones to drink more water and steer them away from sugary drinksI am half kiwi so I love to get my hands on New Zealand products, and what a great idea bringin a little New Zealand water here. I love when I go on my trips to see my family over there and drink the lovely pure water. A camping spot I went to for New Years with a very close friend of mine had water coming straight out of the mountain. It was icey cold and tasted unlike anything I had tasted before it was completely PURE.
Proudly boasting a NO JUNK PROMISE, and with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and containing just 1.8% sugar, Water Buddies tick all the boxes, making them the best choice for parents and children wanting a flavour-filled, low-sugar option.
Water Buddies contain 80% less sugar than some fruit juices and, unlike other popular children’s beverages that are laden with sugar, they have nothing to hide, so Aussie kids can hydrate with Water Buddies at any time of the day.
And with clever grip bottles designed for small hands, they come in four delicious flavours including Real Yum Raspberry, Awesomely Orange, Goodie Goodie Grape, Kiwifruit and Strawbs, as well as a pure water version, Nothing But Water. When I first received these without looking at the info or anything I honestly thought these was a pack of super cute bubble bath’s for the kids, but then when reading on found them to be water. I love the packaging and it really invites and encourages kids to want to drink the water. So much so these waters were gone in 3 days days, I received one of each of the flavours but today (4 days after receiving them) I have none left. I did take a few sips of the different flavours, and you can really tell they aren’t packed full of sugar because they are not overly sweet and just have a hint of flavour.
The Water Buddies are a group of friends from The Blue Spring, the source of the New Zealand Spring Water.  There is a Water Buddie character and introduction along with a cute joke or fact with each delicious flavour.You can jump of the website, which I have provided the link below and find out more about the really cute characters. My daughters favourite character Jam the Jellyfish, she loves the octopus because one he is pink and two he loves music like her and is actually a DJ. I think it is really cute that each character tells its own story.
The innovative bottle shape, which has been designed by kids for kids  is not only practical, but playful, featuring colourful tinted caps and pictures of the ‘Buddies’ characters:  Milla in her magical Crabsuit; Bubble Merfriend; Carter the Deep Water Robot; Baloopa the Starfish; and Jam the Jellyfish.
Water Buddies are available at Woolworths nationally and leading independents including New Zealand Natural Ice Cream stores across Australia.  RRP $1.99 (300ml).
For information about the range, please visit: www.drinkwaterbuddies.com.  You can also follow the company on Twitter at @waterbuddies and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/waterbuddies.