Recently I was sent some Hydra-Oil products to try and I have now found a product that is pretty much identical to Bio Oil only with out the price tag. I do not want to bag Bio Oil because; I honestly love the product and used it through out my pregnancy. But Hydra- Oil is pretty much exactly the same, even down to the little details like the smell.  When I received this in the mail I had to look twice because the packaging was even quite similar. But there is a big difference with Hydra-Oil and Bio- Oil is the fact that Hydra- Oil has a larger range of products. One of them I absolutely love but I will tell you more about that below under the product description.

About Hydra-Oil and how it works
Hydra-Oil is made up of a combination of essential oils which assists in toning skin and removing dryness, keeping skin smooth and hydrated. Hydra-Oil is also rich in vitamins to help fight signs of ageing while improving health and quality of skin, working to help people literally ‘get their skin back!’

Formulation of Hydra-Oil
Hydra-Oil has an essential ingredient – Tri Nano Oil – which acts as a non-greasy emollient and helps with increased skin absorption. Its unique combination of ingredients makes skin soft, smooth and supple, while protecting from further dehydration.
Hydra Oil now contains the revolutionary Argan Oil, following research determining the use of Vitamin A potentially having adverse effects on expectant mothers and their unborn children. Argan Oil contains age-defying phenolic acids and tocopherols to provide significant protection against ageing processes.
Hydra-Oil is specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks.

$16.95 (60mL) $20.95 (125mL) $26.95 (200mL)
An intensive moisture formula, formulated with Hydra Oil’s signature Tri Nano Oil.

I know I am a big believer in these types of products. I used this product for a week on my thighs, which is where I get quite a lot of scars due to gaining weight and loosing it again. Whenever I put on weight it goes straight to my thighs and butt, I hate it so much!! And when my skin does stretch it gets really itchy, the Hydra-Oil relieves this instantly.
I have also heard from a friend of mine that there is nothing better to use on sunburn then this stuff. Which makes complete sense as when your skin burns it is drying it out leaving it itchy and then it peels. So the hydrating properties of Hydra- Oil work to stop this from happening.

Replenishing Body Cream
This Replenishing Body Cream is "specifically formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks". It contains Tri Nano Oil which aids better absorption of the essential extracts and natural ingredients into the skin.

Well this is the product I was talking about at the start of this post. Like I have said about I love Hydra- Oil and this has been taken to the next level in this really great spray on cream, which turns into an oil on contact with your skin. It is pretty much the exact same product, just in a cream form and a spray bottle of course it even smells the same.  I love spraying this on my stomach, as I do not have to lie down to apply the product directly to my stomach. I just spray it on rub it in and off I go.
I do believe in a way these products do work as they hydrate your skin deeply and assist your scar in naturally healing and leaving hardly any signs of damage on your skin.

Hydra-Oil products are stocked exclusively at Coles Supermarkets.