M.A.C Temperature Rising

Even thought the temperature outside in Melbourne is dropping drastically with Winter on the approach, the temperature inside my makeup bag just tipped off the thermostat. This range is purely and simply HOT HOT HOT…

 M.A.C Temperature Rising
M.A.C captures the steamy nocturnal scene in a vivid summer colour collection.
Powder Blush sets the tone, Eye Shadow Quads smoulder and Powerchrome Eye Pencil illuminates with molten metallic. Lipstick and Lipglass speak volumes as lacquered nails glisten
in the night. Take back the night with M·A·C Bronzing Powder as Pro Longwear Bronzer stays stunning all evening long, Bronzing Oil’s botanical blend transforms skin with lush moisture and
Strobe Liquid flashes its sexy afterglow in a new shade.
I love being able to take a little Summer with my through all seasons.

Lipstick - RRP $38 AUD
Caliente super dazzle violet (dazzle)
Also available in Altered Beige, Feel My Pulse and sheer Seduction.

When I actually just looked at this lipstick there was a lot of wow factor. And then it made its way on my lips, and I was completely blown away at how glittery and how well it reflects the sun off your lips. The pigments in the lipstick are also of a high quality and the shine and bling is certainly not tacky. The texture is really creamy and smooth on your lips and also hydrates them at the same time. When I was looking at the stick I thought to myself, ‘ I would never wear a shade like this out.’ But it really does look different when it is on your lips and not as intense.

Lipglass- RRP $37 AUD
Liquid Passion creamy nude
Also available in Soft Serenade, Rhythm and Underdressed.

EEEkk when I saw this I was so excited to be able to try it, I am all for the nude shades and light pinks.
This lipglass is all class and no ass (hehe) So shiny and smooth, I also love the fact that it doesn’t separate on your lips or go al clumpy. I used to own a lipgloss like this except I used it down to the last drop and when I went back to purchase more they had discontinued the line. So I am very thankful to be reunited with this amazing shade and now with what I think is one of the greatest makeup lines.

Eye Shadow Quad- Bare My Soul RRP $72 AUD
Bare My Soul- frosted gold (lustre)
When in Rio- Deep green with copper pearl (frost)
Friendly- Deep bronze chocolate (veluxe pearl)
Romantico- Light Taupe bronze (veluxe pearl)

Now the temperature is just not rising with this baby it has completely blown the top off the thermometer. I love shadows and playing around and mixing up different shades on my eyes. And this quad has caused me to die and go completely to beauty heaven. The shades that have been put into this quad just work perfectly together and do nothing but compliment one another. All of these shadows are packed full of pigment and you only need the tiniest amount on your brush and even then I still find myself dabbing some of the excess on the back of my hand. You can use each shade just by itself or you can experiment and make some amazing smokey eyes that will certainly turn heads. This is now my favourite smokey eye quad and lives in my makeup bag, it is the one product I rely on and really turn to. As I am typing this I am already thinking what I am going to wear, I don’t even have to think about what makeup I will be wearing as my answer will be M.A.C!! 

Powder Blush- RRP $23 AUD
Hot Nights mid-tone berry pink (frost)
Also available in Ripe For Love- Mid tone peach (satin)

You know when you turn up the heat in the house and the “Temperature Rises” you get that amazing colour to your face and your cheeks glow, well this is the colour that can get you there without having to touch the dial. You really can achieve so many looks with this blush and that is the reason I love it. If you use a little bit then it will just make your cheeks have a glowing look. But if you like that real pink almost flustered look you can also achieve it with this product. I have actually used this product on my lips and then applied a clear gloss over top, as I got desperate when scrimmaging through my makeup bag only to realise I had never packed myself any lipstick or gloss. And since doing my one a day in may project I can’t leave the house without wearing SOMETHING on my lips.

Powerchrome Eye Pencil- RRP $35 AUD
Copper Strip frosty mid-tone copper
Also comes in Rich glance, Life’s Luxury and Polished Jet.

This is my miracle pen when it comes time to frame my smokey eyes achieved with the Bare My Soul quad. It helps to frame your eyes and giving you that extra depth without having to use dark black eyeliner or any of that business. Sometimes with smokey eyes you pop a little shadow on your lower tear line to give it that extra wow factor, this makes doing that so much more easier without getting it everywhere or the brush in your eyes. The powerchrome can also be used just a very longwearing eyeshadow as well, and you can even create the smokey look with just the one pen. Applying only a small bit to the entire lid and work more in the far corners to darken them up a little more. Love this and M.A.C products so much; they are always made with such a high standard. You know when makeup artists and celebrities use a product or line of products they are going to be amazing.

Bronzing Powder- RRP $41 AUD
Soft Sand- Golden bronze with fine gold pearl.
And also in Refined gold.

Wowie finally a blush that doesn’t make your cheeks look like you have been bashed. I hate when you buy a bronzer and it is so bronze and you apply it to your face last and it stuffs your entire look and face up because it is so dark. The great thing about M.A.C bronzing powder is you have control of how dark or light you want it. If you apply it just once then you get the slightest bronzed cheek and then you can work more product on depending on how dark you like the look. Me having a very pale face come Winter I don’t always like to look like I have just come back from a trip to the Mediterranean Islands, so I like a subtle bronze, which I can achieve with the Soft Sand. 
I also noticed when taking photos with this bronzer on you look like your face really has a glow, one that I only ever achieved in pregnancy. I think this baby needs to be stocked up just in case they run out and I can’t buy it again.

There are also quite a few other amazing looking products in the collection such as strobe liquid which is a golden elixir, bronzing oil (which will help you always look tanned) and so many more products. My goal now in life is to make this entire collection mine, and try and save the products so I can use them come Summer. Although for some strange reason in Melbourne the Autumn weather is still quite mild and I feel as thought we have traded places with Queensland. One thing that I truly love about this release is the packaging, the amazing chocolate bronze shimmer casing all the products are in. 

Available 3rd of June 2013 at all MAC Locations