Vixen Hair Graffiti- Vibrant

Vixen Hair Graffiti
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Dip dyed, veiling or highlights of colour are a great way to change up your look in an instant, just like a smoky eye or a statement lip colour. Thanks to Vixen’s Hair Graffiti - Hair Colour Chalks you can add some colour to your hair without a trip to the salon, when you feel like it and without the permanent commitment. They are also really fun for them dress up occasions. My daughter who is a mere 5 years old loves being able to have her hair coloured. She has often watched me at the hairdressers and asked to have her hair done, but of course she is much to young for die. So when these arrived I was excited to finally allow her to “colour” her hair. I was a little worried to begin with because she has a mousey blonde shade of hair and I was worried the purple and pink colour she wanted may stain her hair.. But it didn’t at all; it left no stains what so ever. She also loved having a shower and watching all the colour drip down and swirl down the drain.

Celebrities and fashion leaders alike have adopted an anything goes attitude to hair colour, and this trend has now trickled down from the catwalk to the streets. For those who like to stand out, like Rhianna, there is the Vibrant collection, which comes with 12 bright and bold shades. Or for a more subtle look, like Jennifer Hawkins, the Pastel collection also offers 12 shades across the colour spectrum. We were sent the vibrant range, but I would love to see what the pastel’s look like. The vibrant ones can be toned down though because you don’t have to use a lot of product which just makes whatever chalk you are using turns out much lighter.
Try a few strategically placed splices in the ends, or go for a soft dip dyed look in any colour you choose. Be bold and try a two-tone or multi-coloured style.
I am not even kidding and I promise none of these photos have been edited or photo shop, these chalks look amazing just as you see in my photos.
How to apply Hair Chalk:
Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:
Spritz a small section of hair with water
Apply chalk in downward strokes
Dry and seal with a flat iron for longer lasting results
To remove, simply shampoo and condition your hair as normal.
Tip: To intensify colour, twist the hair before application.

The Vixen range has been designed to provide Australian women with the tools to create fashion forward looks, as seen on the likes of Katy Perry, Rhianna of fashionista Lauren Conrad, in their own home.
You don’t have to use just water, you could use an anti-frizz balm or some kind of serum, I find that using these products makes the colour hold to your hair better without the need of straightening or anything like that. I hardly ever straighten my hair anymore, just because of the simple fact I need a new straightner. But with my daughter I only used water, and thought it did work great, the colour just faded a lot quicker.

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