BYS- Caviar for Nails

BYS’ NEW Caviar for Nails will give your fingertips an experience that will turn heads. With glass caviar-like beads BYS delivers an instantly sophisticated look that is 3 dimensional and ultra-feminine. Create maximum impact with a full manicure or jump on the latest nail trend and do one highlight nail, either way you can definitely have fun with this range!
BYS Caviar Nails RRP- $7.95
Each Kit includes a BYS Nail Polish, Caviar beads and application brush.
This season is all about the array of amazing nail art designs that can make your talons stand out in any crowd. Achieving such on-trend manicure styles would usually require a certain amount of skill, practice and time which unfortunately we don’t all have. Enter BYS Caviar for Nails; this product is an easy DIY kit that will allow you to achieve salon-like nails in the comfort of your own home.
BYS Caviar for nails is available in 10 different colours with more winter colours
coming soon. The range includes caviar beads in Black, Red & Silver or multi shade which work perfectly with the nail base colours available in Pink, Peach, Blue, Green, Red or Purple. Collect the whole range to mix and match your base colour and caviar beads in any combination you like.

I have seen some Caviar nails out there that will cost you more then what you would pay for a mani at a salon. And I love that BYS’s entire range is so affordable and really is good quality.
It did take me some time to get used to using this product, as I found the caviar beads would just slide off and not to what they were told. But then I realised I needed to let it dry off a little before trying to sweep away the excess beads that were left on the nail. I received the Blue, which I will be wearing next weekend to the football as I go for North Melbourne and this would be perfect. I will post a picture of my footy mani Sunday!!
I first thought that this caviar would be really hard to take off, but in fact I found it a little bit to easy. All I had to do was scratch away the beads and then use a little remover on the bottom to get rid of the blue polish base.
As for wear life, it will last you the day or night but I wouldn’t wear this if you know you will be harsh on your hands as the top caviar will come away from the nail. I will apply this right before I go out to ensure my nails stay in top condition. You don’t need a top-coat or anything like that, all you need is in the pack.
I will be heading to the shops this weekend to get some more colours, as I find them so fun and so does my daughter.