Eleven Australia

I know this may be a little late now, but I have been waiting to review the product thoroughly to give you guys the best and true review I can.

Weeks back now I went to the Salon Melbourne Expo, which was held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convection Centre next door to Crown Casino in Melbourne.
There I was welcomed with open arms into the Eleven Stand that was set up. I thought it was lovely, bright white with colourful writing. There was also two massively oversized ELEVEN shampoo and conditioner bottler behind the counter adding a nice touch to the setup.

We were then invited backstage to one of the shows to see the models getting their hair done with ELEVEN products. The first hairstyle I could not take my eyes off!!! I couldn’t believe the height the hair had got to and also how well the Give Me hold Hairspray was holding the hair.

Here are some of the looks from backstage which I think any hair lover would adore, they are both kooky and are each their own unique art pieces.

Now for a little review of some of the products I have trialed and reviewed, by the way these are fresh off the production line and you will not be disappointed.

A lightweight shampoo that creates body, volume & shine.

When I was at Salon Melbourne one thing I did notice was the smell of all the products were amazing. The two standouts were this and also Spray Gloss. If you have been reading my blog you will know I am a sucker for great smelling products, and this is certainly one of them. Sometimes I usually have to wash my hair twice to ensure all the oil is removed and my hair looks nice and clean. But with this ELEVEN shampoo I only have to use it once and my hair is clean and smells lovely.

A lightweight conditioner that creates body, volume & shine.

Again this really compliments the Body Volume Shampoo and puts the finishing touches to the hair. They both smell exactly the same and when using the conditioner after the shampoo it strengthens that clean fresh smell. There is nothing more I hate then when you smell that oily unclean hair smell, it is not very nice.  I love the shape of these bottles and it will easily fit into my suitcase when I travel. They are unlike any other I have seen on my hair journey and fit nicely into my shower one in front of the other on the shelf.
I have a lot of hair and it is quite fine. The Body Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are suitable to fine hair. I did find that these guys gave me a little lift and volume but nothing that anybody else could notice. So that where the Volume Foam came into action!!
I will be on a mission to own the other two shampoo and conditioners as I have been told one smells like banana lollies and the other like coconut!!! I don't know about you but for me it sounds delicious and a real must try.

An all-round workable hairspray that can be used for shaping & finishing.
Directions: Shake well. Spray from 25cm onto dry, styled hair. Rework hair as required.

As I have said above some amazing hairstyles were created with this stuff. The hold is magnificent but also does not make your hair set like concrete. It has almost the same kind of smell as the shampoo and conditioner and doesn’t really smell a thing like your norm hair spray. It also doesn’t make your hair look like you have dandruff after a few hours as I have found some other hair spray to do. I would definitely have to say this is my new favourite hairspray and one I will be using weekly with my styles.

A lightweight finishing spray to control flyaways & add shine. For all hair types.
Directions: Shake well. Spray lightly from 25cm onto dry, styled hair.

You do need to be careful when you use this beauty because if you use too much you will be left with oily hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed for weeks. You also will need to wash your hair that night or the next morning as you will find the spray will move up the ends on to your scalp. But other then this if the product is used properly then it is amazing. When I have an up do I give my hair a little spray of this when the look is done and it keeps all my fly aways done and tamed. But it just basically adds a lovely shine to your hair and I love it.

Lightweight volumiser for body, thicker texture & control.
Directions: Depending on hair length and thickness apply 2-4 pumps to damp hair & distribute evenly from roots to ends, then blow-dry

Now this is what I was talking about above with the shampoo and conditioner. If you are after volume then this is the product worth giving a try, and really will lift your hair.
The foam smells exactly like the shampoo and conditioner so there will not be a clash what so ever.  I LOVE this product the most out of all the products because it is something that actually does work. A little bit does go a long way with this product. If you do use to much you will find your hair will have that mousse crunchy feeling to it. I cannot speak highly enough of this product.