Inspired by Japanese trends, pop art, and stencilling, Suteki designs have been co-created with well-known Melbourne urban artist Adrian Doyle.
Adrian Doyle has been involved in both the fine art and street art scenes in Melbourne for over 15 years and has played key roles in these scenes as a community artist, an entrepreneur and a social worker.
Now kids can get their own art up on the walls and create their own art with attitude!

Suteki is the best thing for girls and boys to hit the world of coolness and is ready to make waves.

Themes include Wheels, Action Super Stars, Monster Damage, Zany Animals, Food and Cute Animals and many more!
Prices start from just RRP $9.99

Hayley received a pack that contained two art pieces to create which were a super cute dog and an ultra cool zombie chick.
But I don’t know who had more fun, her or me. These are so much fun and the end result is great. You also can’t get it wrong and you can mix the colours up as much as you want, there are no rules.
It the pack you get a little paint palette, the stencils to each piece of art, the paint and of course the mummy sponge dabber thing.

The first little project my daughter painted was the puppy dog, and the reason why she wanted to paint this first is so that she could give it to her grandma when we went for a visit. I was so proud watching Hayley dab away and paint her picture, but I don’t think anybody was more proud then herself. I don’t think she thought she could paint and create something like that, so when she did she was on cloud nine.

Another thing I love about the Suteki is the fact that they have been co-created by a Melbournian and it is so good to support your hometown and especially see the art of an artist from where I was born.

Both my children love their arts and creating things all by themselves, and I love it to as their work brings so much more life to our house and gives me things to put up around the house. Even Hayley’s kinder paintings are put to good use, as we use them as wrapping paper now (of course keeping the good ones.)  

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