Puretopia Wake Up Body Wash

                                          Wake Up Body Wash 250ml
                                                        RRP: $9.95
The Puretopia Wake Up Invigorating & Moisturising Body Wash is a 100% sulfate free body cleanser that gently removes all traces of dirt and sebum. With active yet gentle ingredients, the Body Wash is enriched with an energising citrus spa fragrance, mind stimulating gotu kola and soothing aloe vera to leave skin feeling silky soft and refreshed.

I know some mummies out there may be a little skeptical when it comes to body washes and being able to wake you up. But for me sometimes a shower and a good body wash is just what I am after in the morning after I have peeled myself off the sheets.

I do believe this helps to wake me up as well, the smell of citrus gets my body working and even make my taste buds tingle and jaw muscles start tensing up. I think because the body can relate that smell to sour and taste bud turning it instantly kicks into overdrive to prepare itself for the sour taste, but it just never comes as its just going on your body.  I would not say this smells is very strong either, it is quite subtle but just enough. I usually don’t have time to moisturise my whole body after a morning shower so I like to buy and use a wash that has built in moisturisers and what not, and this is just that.
I would really like to keep some of this body wash for Summer and see how it works with sunburn, as I think the Aloe Vera would help soothe it and keep my skin hydrated.
Really nice wash and I will be looking at adding some more Puretopia products to my collection.
Bioactive ingredients include:
*Gotu Kola – An ancient Asian herb good for skin tightening and clarity of 
*Glycerin – helps maintain the hydration in the skin and makes the natural 
actives work more effectively

*Panthenol – Moisturises and improves hydration
*Plant cleansers – Gentle sulfate and soap free cleansing.  
The Puretopia range has been developed with no animal testing, synthetic fragrances, parabens, skin drying sulfates, artificial colours, phthalates, propylene glycol, DEA, TEA or silicones.

Stockists: Nationally across Australia in Terry White, Priceline, Discount Drug Stores, Pharmore Pharmacies, Malouf Pharmacies, Big W and selected pharmacies.