Annabel Karmel- Quick&Easy Toddler Recipes

My kids (thank goodness) are so good with their food and happy to try almost anything.  But sometimes it can be a little tricky when my partner and I eat chilli food or curry-based foods, and don’t want them to have that in their bellies as there digestive system is not as good as ours. I even find myself when it comes to chilli food I will get stomach aches and toilet problems so I wouldn’t want them to involuntarily go through that either. So usually when we eat that I prepare the kids something different, but a lot of the times I result to pasta or something simple like that. But thankfully thanks to Annabel Karmel, I have a brain full of knowledge and also many meal ideas now.
Annabel Karmel- Quick&Easy Toddler Recipes
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Toddler mealtimes can be a battleground. And for busy parents, time for preparing food is in short supply. 

The UK's number-one expert on feeding children, Annabel Karmel, is on hand to help. In this new Quick and Easy book she offers 130 recipes that can be rustled up in minutes. With an eye on nutritional content and appeal for children, as well as speediness for hassled mums and dads, she solves mealtimes in an instant.

With plenty of tips and tricks to encourage your child to eat, from savoury to sweet, for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, Annabel's Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes will make for mellow mealtimes.
Since receiving this book I have cooked the kids multiple meals from this book that have been both fun and yummy. I even doubled the recipes and made family meals from it. I will be using this book when it comes to making little finger food and snacks for my daughters 2nd birthday. I love how detailed it is and how easy it is to follow the steps and create these dishes.

I would also love to note that Annabel will be in Australia next week and will be appearing at the Sydney Pregnancy, Baby and Children's Expo on Friday through to Sunday. I am sure she would love to meet all her fans and give you more tips and hints.