Top 5 Bath Must Haves

Coming home to a cold house, then to turn the heater on and wait patiently while the house warms up is what my late Autumn and Winter consists of. I love the cold and being able to rug up, for me it is so much easier to get warm then it is to get cold in Summer. But one thing I LOVE about the colder months is the steaming hot baths, bubbles and candles. I cannot think of a better way to relax and wind down then sinking into a hot bath for a little bit to warm up and relax those muscles.  So today I want to share with you some of my TOP 5 bath MUST haves:

MOR Essentials- Hand and Body Wash in Neroli Clementine
RRP- $19.95 for 350mL
Now for me I often use body washes, shower gels and all of those in my bath. Sometimes they can work better then “bubble baths” You do however need to use a little more product to achieve the real bubbly bath, which does not bother me. I love this MOR essentials and its citrus scent. It is a very thick body wash so a little bit goes a long way. When I lay in the bath with Neroli bubbles I feel like I am laying in a Japanese spa resort, all I need is a little Japanese lady giving me a massage.

The Body Shop- Scents of the World
Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, 250ml, $20.95
Amazonian Wild Lily Shower Gel, 250ml, $20.95
Altas Mountain Rose Shower Gel, 250ml, $20.95
A refreshing soap-free body was infused with scent. Moisturisers with Community Fair Trade Honey, which is always a big thing for me. I hate the thought of people slaving away on their farms, being stung by bees etc only to be completely ripped off and not get the right money for their product. So while soaking in my bath this puts my mind at ease, also the smells of these products are amazing and really do set the relaxation bar high in the bathroom. I can easily travel around the world in just three nights, in three different baths; it is amazing. Again this product says body wash but I pop this in my bath (a little more then usual) and bang the bubbles are there. They all have sweet floral scents and my favourite by far is the Cherry Blossom scent, I used this the first night only because the packaging was pink. Which is another thing, I love the light bright colours and really pretty simple picture.  I also love using the gel’s in the shower to, everything The Body Shop is just of high quality.

Montagne Jeunesse Masks
is a successful natural beauty brand in face masques.
Present in 85 countries worldwide, the brand is listed in over 1000
international retail chains.
Montagne Jeunesse masques are good for your skin, the
earth and your wallet - starting from only $3.95!

Okay now this product may not exactly be a bath product but this is a product I use in my baths. They make me feel spoilt and like I really am in a spa resort. And there is a big bonus with using them in the bath, all I had to do is sink into the bath and rub my face under water and the mask had been washed off. I do love these and they are so much fun and varieties. I know also if you don’t want to buy the little satchels I have seen (but can’t remember where now) actually tubes of the product. I use these at least once a week and that is mainly in the bath, but you will catch me from time to time with just walking around with my masks on.

Neutrogena Rainbath- Refreshing shower and Bath Gel 250mLs
Cleans, softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue. Your skin is left in better condition- feeling smooth, soft and renewed. The fragrant blend of spices, fruits, and herbs provide a clean curst that awakens your senses and refreshes your entire body. This product reminds me of that sweet baby smell which is indescribable. Then there is also the great bubble’s this beauty creates. I only use 4 pumps under running water in my bath and it is full of bubbles. I know now that my eyes have been opened to this product I will continue to use it.

Puretopia 1000 Fragrant Petals Body Wash
This product is the perfect bath and even shower product for Winter and the colder days/nights. With its warming formulation and amazing floral smell I fell in love instantly. When it comes to Winter I struggle in the shower unless I have the portable heater cranking for a good 5 minutes making it nice and warm in the bathroom, so I often turn to my bath. I use a little bit of this product in my bath I would say about teaspoons of the product to achieve lots of bubbles. Then all I do is turn my music up and sink away into the water.

And lets not forget the kiddies, they need some bubbles to and I have just the products that would be perfect for them and their precious skin.

Johnson’s Baby and Bubble Bath and Wash 444mLs
Now we all know and probably love the Johnson’s baby products and their signature newborn baby smell. I know when I gave birth to both of my girls the products in the hospital were Johnson’s. It is a brand that I trust will not irritate my babies and kids skin and is one I always use. All Johnson’s products are also very affordable. I love this and I know you will to

3D Bath and Shower Foam- Cars for the boys and Tinkerbell for the girls. RRP-$12.00
I know I said above Cars McQueen for the boys, but my youngest is all for this little guy. She would rather play with cars and trucks and Trashies then barbies, dolls and Polly Pockets. But this product is not a foam but more a gel form, but does foam up and create bubbles in the water which is how I think it received the name.
The Tinker Bell gel comes out blue and smells like a berry bubblegum, it is very nice. And bubbles galore this amazing product creates loads and loads of bubbles with only a little bit of product. The Lightning McQueen comes out red and does have a different bubblegum sort of smelling scent to it but I can’t put a finger on the smell. If you know what it smells like please let me know! I love that not only are these products great bubble baths, the kids can use them as toys when all the product is gone!! Great idea that the kids will be sure to love, and so will your pocket as the product is so cheap.
These Tinker Bell and McQueen products can be bought from Priceline stores nationally.

 **Some of these images aer not my own, and I do not claim them as my own either.