Opi Selena Gomez- Swatches

Nicole by OPI teams up with Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez joins the likes of the Kardashians and Justin Bieber with the launch of her own exclusive range of Nicole by OPI nail lacquers.

Sweet, funky, flirty and fun best describes the 14 shades of lacquers inspired by actress & singer Selena Gomez.  The colour palette carefully selected captures her sweet yet spunky personality, from soft pink and peach hues to bright glitter and confetti lacquers. This diverse colour range offers the right hue for every occasion and every mood.

The collection consists of 7 bright hues and 7 glittery shades. The 7 glitter and confetti shades below will surprise you;

Heavenly Angel
, wow in a bottle, iridescent shredded glitter. Now I have never ever in my life seen a polish like this. It gives your nails that opal look, and actually instead of looking like glitter the particles look like little flakes of opal. I use this both by itself and also in a duo with which ever colour floats my boat, there is no such thing as a clash.

Confetti Fun;, a multi coloured rainbow glitter in a shimmery base. The actual colours are silver, aqua, green, gold, magenta and pink. Now this is the most fun polish I have ever owned and been sent. It is like a massive glitter bomb just went off it a nail bottle. When I wear this polish I feel like a kid again, I have used this with both a white base and a black base, both were great and I love whatever polish colour I match with the confetti fun!! I would have to say out of the many polishes I own this has become my favourite by far.

Inner Sparkle
; we all need a bit of this - a soft feminine pink and lilac hex glitter mixed with small gold glitter. This as really pretty glitter in it, although I am a real perfectionist and it is really hard to make all your nails look similar when you use this. But these types of glitter polishes really have taught me to stop being so perfect and just let the glitter do the talking.

Kissed At Midnight; is pale gold glitter with a hint of silver in a clear base. This is more of a gold glitter then anything. I love putting this on top of a black base, as it really makes the gold glitter stand out. And if you ask me adding the black behind the polish really does add to the name :0) that is what actually inspired me to use the black.

Mi Fantasia; not unlike its name, this blue and purple holographic glitter will bedazzle. This is like sweet dreams and also the stars at night combined, I found this out because I actualy combined the two myself and thought Hey this looks like Mi Fantasia Only to realise this is probably what OPI have done to create this colour. Very pretty and is really coold to have such a mix of different types of glitter.

Stars At Night; a silver holographic bar glitter in a clear base. The strips reflect in the sunlight creating a rainbow effect. Now this looks nothing like stars, but it Is very pretty. It may look like the stars in the sky if you were flying in a speedboat looking up at the stars. The strips of glitter are of high quality and the reason I know this is the way it reflects the light. It is almost like being able to tell between a cubic zirconia and a real diamond, the light just catches it and reflects from it in a certain way.

Sweet Dreams; an aqua, silver and purple confetti glitter in a clear base. Big blobs of glitter and little spots all combined. It is a great combination that has really grown on me. To begin with I was used the big glitter that was hard to get even all over your nails, but it is quite nice now. This would have to be my least favourite of the Selena Gomez glitter range, but each to their own.

The 7 opaque shades below are bright and fun;

Hit The Lights; a bright creamy yellow that makes you crave spring.  When I saw this colour it really did remind me of a fluffy yellow chick. I often get my daughter to see which her favourites are of the collections I am sent so that I can paint her nails straight off the bat. I also only need to use one coat of the Hit the Lights as it is quite thick and such a full colour.

Love Song;
a pretty violet with just the slightest hint of a shimmer. I cannot actually see any shimmer in this nail polish, but I prefer it without the shimmer. This colour is really girly and just an eye catching purple. I have mixed it up with Naturally and made my nails really girly and takes me back to my teen years.

Naturally; a bubble gum pink that is so delicious you will want to eat, this lacquer has a slight shimmer. This is the colour I said that I match with the Love Song, it is so 80s and 90s but I love it loads. I have also used this colour on my daughters nails plenty of times. I have only ever used one coat of this polish, as I love the colour you get with one coat.

Pretty In Plum; a shimmery vibrant red purple that almost glows, even in the shade! Now I am not to sure this colour is for me, but hey not everyone can like everything. The one thing I do like is the shimmer in this polish, it really does reflect the sunlight amazing. If youre a plum person then this would be the perfect shade for you and I am sure you will love it. For me it is like someone has picked a beautiful red plum off the tree popped it in a blender and BAM that is the resulting colour.

Scarlett a fuchsia pink shimmer. The shimmer verges on duo chrome where the pink shifts to gold in the sunlight. Now this colour is super glam but so much better. I love red especially on my lips and nails and this is just amazing. Like it says in description it shifts from being pink to a shimmery gold colour in the sun and I am not joking that is smack bang on the marker. I am going to a black tie event in a few weeks and will be wearing a black dress. But I will be matching my shoes to my nails, and I will be wearing Scarlett. I will post a photo when it comes around to the event.

Selena; this is the peach weve been waiting for is a peachy pink. Flattering to most skin tones. This sums Selena up in one polish, it is very girly but with a hint of chic. I think it has more of a light coral look about it rather then a peach shade. With this polish, to get the true colour you have to paint more then one level on your nails. But once you are there it is great. I have worn this and used a white block to design and make patterns on top of the Selena and it really do compliment each other.  Actually just a few days ago I have used the Selena as the base and then the OPI shattering in white.

Spring Break; a bright fuchsia pink, ideal on your toes for that tropical island retreat. I have taken a real liking to the bright and neon colours. This is a neon sort of pink without being a fluro. Again I only have to use one coat of this polish for it to look exactly like it does in the bottle. Another thing I really like is the shape of their brushes and how easily it makes to guide the polish on your nail.

Nicole by OPI contains no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. NO NASTIES!

You will be able to paint a piece of Selena Gomez on your nails from 14th March, $14.95 RRP at selected pharmacies, Hairhouse Warehouse, Petra Haircare and on-line sales at www.nicolebyopi.com.au.
For stockists contact 1800 358 999 or visit www.nicolebyopi.com.au

The photo of Selena Gomez is not my own and in no way was taken by myself.