Stay away from the Steelcraft Strider PLUS

I was hoping that it would not come to this, but due to very poor customer service and no replies to my email I think I must do this... 

If there was to be one pram on the market I would NOT recommend it would be the Steelecraft Strider PLUS.

I bought this pram 2 years ago from Baby Bunting with the intentions of having this for the rest of our family making days, which was another 3 children. I was not happy to spend over $600 plus the extra bottom seat for something that did not even last a year. 

Luckily the first break was in the warranty period and I did not have to pay a cent. This was a small break and it was the lever that you pull to lock the front wheel to prevent it from snapping. My partner accidentally put a shopping bag on there that had milk and the thing snapped right off. 

The second repair that had to be made was just after the one year warranty was up! My children are not rough and I treated this pram like another baby because of the money I had paid!! Now this second repair was to the footrest on the top baby part. It literally snapped right under my daughters leg and just went all floppy. I was a little tight on money at this stage as I had just signed my name on the papers of our mortgage, so we used the pram like this for a couple of weeks. I am unsure how much we had to pay for the repairs, but it was more the pain in the butt of travelling to the repair place in Sunshine at their warehouse. 

Now the third repair came a few months after this, and that was the slips that lock in the pram, to prevent it from opening when you pick the pram up etc. My partner went to lift the pram out of the car and the whole thing just snapped right off. I was horrified at this and if there is one thing you put a lot of trust in with your children it is a SAFE pram. This is anything from safe and I am so disappointed.

Now for the last straw that literally had me in tears, I am quite strong and have a large stress hold but this just tipped me over the edge completely and I am thinking I will take this further but need to know how and where I should go. 

I was out shopping at my local grocery store and half way through my shopping when I came to an abrupt stop. My pram would not move and I had no idea why, every time I moved it made this load knocking kind of noise. Then I noticed the brake had locked on and this is what was making the noise. Not matter what I did the brake would NOT come off, I was completely stuck with all this shopping and unable to move. At this point my daughter was fast asleep in the pram!! I had a lovely old man come and try and help me as I could not carry my daughter out and the pram as well as hold my 4 year olds hand. I had to leave the shopping where it was and just get out of there! I was so embarrassed and so frustrated at the same time. Then when the lovely man helped me put the pram into the car he noticed that the foot rest was all loose, it had bloody broken ONCE AGAIN!! It makes me so angry just typing this. As soon as I thanked the gentleman for helping me I got into my car with a cranky daughter that was woken up and I just burst out in tears. Something I am meant to put so much trust in literally fell apart under my daughters bum, so much for lasting!! It has not even lasted two years, and that is in between all the repairs and what not! 
I had my doubts after the first break, and was not happy. 

You also cannot fit through most supermarket isle as it is too wide, so you have to hope they have a wider isle that is suitable for those with disabilities.

The only positive about this pram was the attachment for the bottom that fit our 4 year old, and the fact you can turn seat around. 

I will apologise for my language here.. Other then that this pram is a piece of shit!!! 

And I would recommend all you Mums and Dads out there to STAY away, do not bother and DO NOT waste your money!

From a VERY unhappy customer and Mum that has now been left without a pram.