Massive Prize thanks to Uncle Toby's

With Winter I really struggle to peel myself out of bed and leave it to the really last millisecond to get up and get Hayley ready for kindergarten. This generally means with breakfast I am bouncing of the benches and here and there like a mad woman trying to get it all prepared. Hayley loves her cereal where as Mad

ison likes toast. So breakfast is a major juggling act and must be timed perfectly. But I have now found a little relief and bought myself an extra 5 minutes in the warm sheets. This relief is UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets are a convenient and tasty breakfast option for busy families. Easy to prepare, just add milk (or water) and stir to mix. Microwave for just 90 seconds, stir and allow to cool slightly before serving and you’re done! I was wondering how this was done and it is due to the fact that the oats are sliced finer so they cook much faster.

So now I am wanting to bring some relief to mothers out there who love their bed as much as me, or struggle to get breakfast done in time. Here is where I will announce a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY thanks to Uncle Toby’s!!
( I wish I could be apart of this giveaway, it is amazing)

Here is what the giveaway includes:

                               The competition value is:
·      A Canon Camcorder Valued at $400 RRP so that you can record all your Uncle Toby moments. (which I would love to be sent so I can see how your enjoying your prize.)
·      A Winter’s Worth of Uncle Toby’s Oats: The prize is a ‘Winter’s-worth of Oats’ hamper valued at $149.70 RRP
This is based on what a family of 4 people would need for 3 months.
The prize will be delivered to the winner as 2 cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Classic Variety; 2 cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Fruit Variety; and 2 x cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Original, (a total of 300 sachets). 

I also have 5 runners up prizes which will give 5 lucky entrants the chance to get their hands on a code so they can make their own My Little Oats placemat. These will be professionally printed.

So to make this amazing prize pack yours all you have to do is tell me in 50 words or less is:
What is your best childhood memory of oats is and some secrets you use to make breakfast time with YOUR kids oats fun?

Competition Ends 20th June 2013
Please leave your EMAIL so that the winner can be contacted.
I would also appreciate it if you could follow my blog :0)

Good Luck Lovlies