Tangle Teezer's Magic Flowpot- My saviour

The Magic Flowerpot is available in three colour ways: Princess Pink, Popping Purple and Sunbeam.
All are priced at $34.95

Ouch! Princess precious hair can quickly turn into a painful, tangled mess, so let’s thank the Hair Fairy for bringing Magic Flowerpot (more of which later!) An easy-to-hold brightly coloured detangling flower brush, it quickly makes light work of bed head and fresh-from-the-bath tangles without any tears or tantrums. The fluted neon pot also doubles up as a store away for baubles and clips.

…now meet Matty, Muffin and the Hair Fairy too!
Every little girl loves a story and who better to share her hair woes and joys in a booklet slipped inside the box than a girl called Matty? A girl whose tangles cause pain, forcing her loveable dog, Muffin to hide hairbrushes that make her cry. That is, until the Hair Fairy delivers a Magic Flowerpot!

Adorable and engaging, they are characters that every little girl can relate to – there are colouring-in cards in the box too, making the Magic Flowerpot a hair loving experience. Little girls’ see Magic Flowerpot as their fairytale helper, whereas mums simply as hair salvation!


Well here I was going out of my way to find a super pretty brush, or one that had Dora the Explorer or One Direction printed all over it just to allow me to even get close to my daughters hair. So when this arrived in the mail I was super eager to see what Miss Hayley thought. At first she want really funny and said, “No mummy it will hurt, look at them spikes.” She thought the combing part were little spikes. To demonstrate to her that they were harmless I pushed them really hard into my thigh as she watched them just squish down. Miss Hayley then took it out of my hand and did the same to herself only she didn’t push nearly as hard as I did. She then looked up at me with a big smile and said, “Ha that doesn’t hurt mum, it tickles.”  I then asked her if I was able to brush it through her hair to see if it really is magic. I went on to tell her some story about this special flower brush came from the fairies and they poured their magic dust all over it so the brushing part of kids life doesn’t hurt them anymore. She was then an eager beaver to have this magic brush that was only for kids in her hair.

So now for the testing part of this Tangle Teezer for kids, this was a massive surprise to me. The flower of this flower pot was such a breeze to use and just glided through her hair with not a problem. I think Hayley was even surprised at how easy this brush worked and how pain free it left her.  So when I was satisfied that it worked on her hair good and didn’t hurt her, I tried it on Miss Madison who has really curly locks. Again the same thing, knots and curls didn’t worry the Tangle teezer what so ever.

The great thing about the Tangle Teezer is the fact that you can also use it on wet hair, and I even found it works better on wet hair. I think I also love using it on the kids wet hair as it makes there hair dry in a really natural frizz free style. I can’t believe I didn’t find this product earlier and I am so glad I spotted it at the Salon Melbourne 2013.

One last cool feature of the flower pot is that the base that holds the brush flower actually doubles as a little accessory holder, where I keep all my daughters hair ties and clips.