I don’t know about you but for our family Colgate is a brand we know and love. I don’t think I know anybody out there that hasn’t heard of Colgate yet alone owned or used a Colgate problem. I love hearing news that their brand is growing and new products come out on the market.
Colgate is the only brand my dentist sells and he swears by their products.

I have just recently had a wisdom tooth extracted, but there has been one problem. My gum has not healed around my back tooth, which means the root is completely exposed and very sensitive. When I eat I have to avoid that area and cannot let it make contact with cold products. I did go to the dentist and they told me I had to see if the gum would grow back or is the root would harden up and stop being sensitive. But the dentist did advise me to use a soft brush and also sensitive toothpaste.

Colgate has gone one better to help this sensitive problem! Ok fair enough brushing my teeth at night and day with Colgate Sensitive toothpaste will bring me some relief. But I have been looking for something to get me through the in between period. That is where Colgate heard my wish and made it come true.

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief
RRP: $9.99
An innovative new mouthwash designed to provide long lasting relief to pain caused by sensitive teeth. Using pro-argin technology, Sensitive pro relief builds a protective barrier to provide effective relief whilst leaving a fresh minty taste.

This is not harsh and blows your tastebuds and mouth out like the add for another brand of mouthwash. But instead gently gets rids of bacteria while gently cleaning away the build up on my teeth.
I could easily leave this mouthwash in my mouth for 2 minutes with out burning my mouth and making my eyes water. I actually use this product before brushing my teeth as well, just to give my back tooth that little bit of desensitize before going over it with a toothbrush.

Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush
RRP: $3.99 (one pack)
Providing a thorough clean up to six times deeper, the Colgate Slim Soft includes thin, tapered bristles that are a tiny 0.1mm in width -  17 times slimmer than those of any ordinary toothbrush.

I have never in my entire life been a fan of the hard bristle brushes and only like using soft ones. Whenever I was to use any brush other then soft it would ALWAYS make my gums bleed and after a few times made my teeth really sensitive. But the Colgate slim touch really is something else. The bristles on the brush are so tiny and clean my teeth better then any brush I have used before. I mean I could say and so could you, that you have used a soft brush. But the Colgate Slim soft is super soft yet super tough. I know with a lot of my toothbrushes after a couple of weeks the bristles push down and spread away. When this happens my toothbrush is just no good, and can get quite annoying and costly.  Colgate never cease to amaze me and are the one product I truly trust not only with my teeth but also my children’s teeth to, I am happy to say we are a Colgate family. Although every now and then we will use different brands of toothpaste, and the kids love a certain brand of toothpaste as it tastes like bubblegum.