Nivea MAN vs WOMAN stresses

This post may be biased to women but that is probably because it has come from a woman. I have set a little man VS women stress levels test.

I asked what stresses my partner out and this is the three things he came out with:
When my AFL team loose a game or are coming close to the opponent.
When the kids are tired and really sooky, especially when you (me) aren’t home.
When my boss puts me under the pump and makes me work more then I should be.
(Gosh it must be hard being a man with ALL those thought stresses, heheh.)

Now I don’t think I would even begin with the stresses I face with day to day as we would be here ALL day. Just a few things are:
When my family is sick
When my house is left a mess right after I have cleaned it as the kids follow me around almost in a tornado style messing everything back up.
Mondays, they are packed with work, early kinder runs, home duties and the family rounds.

Well we really did put the NEW Nivea Stress protect to work and really did stretch its limits. I know on the bottle it says 48hrs… But lets face it who doesn’t shower in 48hrs (unless you are stuck out in the bush of course.) So to us that meant that this product MUST be able to last until our next shower, which is generally at the end of the day.

Matt doesn’t like using the roll on but I insisted he give it a go for review purposes and he did. He goes for a 5km run every night and I asked if one night he could use the aerosol and the other if he could use the roll on and see if there was a difference. After both runs I did a little assessment, and even though his armpits were wet (which I wouldn’t blame them after a 30min sprint.) They DID NOT smell like they usually do, instead I would be more then happy to sniff his armpits like this, as it was a really manly smelling deodorant.  But we did notice the roll on did reduce his sweat a little more, I suppose because it does a better job at blocking up them little pores that allows the sweat to escape, creating a great barrier.
He also told me that when he goes to work now he NEVER has wet armpits, which he found himself having from his old deo. I also noticed this when doing his washing; there wasn’t that horrible B.O smell. So for Matt this deodorant PASSED with flying colours.

Well now for my test of this product, I know I have done a review of this product before and it PASSED with flying colours. But I felt that I still needed to put in my little two cents when it comes to the VS review. Not much has changed in my opinion since using this in my first review, except for the fact that my bathroom cupboard now has 3 extra bottles in there waiting to go. I have not stopped using this product and I can’t see myself changing unless there is a NEW AMAZING deo to hit the market. I did how ever give the roll on a try for the first time. Like my partner I don’t like a roll on either and think it isn’t really a nice way of applying deodorant… I hate the wet slimy feeling your left with before the product dries.
BUUUTTTTT… Now after using this I don’t think I will ever stop, as my partner noticed you actually sweat a lot less. It creates almost like a barrier that does not allow the sweat to come out, leaving my arm pits nice and dry.
Even thought the WINTER is cold and I wear layer upon layer of clothes, my armpits still sweat and I think that is because they are suffocated with clothing. But now thanks to Stress Protect I don’t have that problem anymore. Another massive thing is the fact that I do NOT have the problem of them disgusting yellow stains under your arms. WOOH WINNER 

RRP: $3.78 for the roll on and $6.59 for the aerosol.

A unique antibacterial formula of Stress Protect actives and a zinc complex provides extra protection in stressful situations to help you keep your emotional stress sweating under control.