Pillow Pets- Dreamlite

Dreamlites Unicorn 
RRP- $29.99

Pillow Pet Dream Lites will illuminate your room and turn your cieling into a starry night sky with the touch of a button. Bedtime has never been more fun!
The Pillow Pets DreamLites project a variety of colors on your cieling including blue, amber, green or a mixture of all three colors that change every four seconds.

We are trying to get our eldest daughter who is 5 now to sleep without her night-light on. Not only does it cost a lot of money, we don't know how she would be sleeping over at others houses that don't have night-lights or anything like that. 

So when we received the Pillow Pets Dreamlite, I was more then happy and intrigued to see if this would work. 
I put the batteries into the rainbow unicorn and showed my daughter, she grabbed it right out of my hands and was investigating that button and what it does. She couldn't really see much as it was the middle of the day, so I took her to her room and shut the blinds. She then turned the Dream Lite on and her room was instantly lit up with really pretty stars and even a little unicorn and moon.

I know there are some cheaper rip offs of these on the market these days, but none of them compare to the brightness of the Pillow Pets Dreamlite. 
Also the fabric that these Pillow Pets Dream Lites are made of are very soft and cuddly, so not only are they lights they make for great teddies to sleep with (minus the hard top which is made of plastic.)

So now for the attempt of getting this night light gone once and for all. I told my daughter that if she wanted this Pillow Pet then she couldn't sleep with her night light on, surprisingly she was more then happy to go ahead with this. 
So when she jumped into bed she turned her Dreamlite on and watched the roof as it lit up. I closed her bedroom door and stood there for a little bit just to see how she went and if she would start to freak out or anything, there was not a peep.  So I went and started to clean up the house and came back to her room after about 20 minutes as this is when the lights will automatically switch off (which is really nifty.) 
There was my big girl fast asleep, mouth wide open and almost snoring haha I can't believe this actually worked. 

And since that night which was over a week ago, she has not used her night light once. There was a night where she woke up at about 3am crying because it was dark and she must of had a bad dream. But I explained to her she had her Pillow Pet Dreamlite there and she could just switch it back on again. Since that night there has been nothing at all except for full nights sleep and even a couple of sleep ins :-) 

Gosh I am glad the Pillow Pet Dreamlite found me, I really am!!!