Cascada Eco Textiles

Cascada Eco Textiles specialise in sustainable soft furnishings from South America. Earlier this year they launched an exquisite hand-embroidered baby blanket range from Peru.

Made from incredibly soft and warm Native Peruvian Organic Cotton, our Gia blankets make the perfect cot adornment.

The Gia blankets are available in 2 embroidered designs - Elephant and Tulip - and they retail at $195.00 + GST.

As they have only just been released, they are not currently stocked by any of our retailers, but they are available through direct contact with me or through our webshop Eco Design Emporium.

Only ever sourcing 100% natural South American fibres, such as Cashllama (100% llama), organic cotton, natural silk and Baby Alpaca, Cascada hopes to educate Australian consumers about shopping with a conscience.

I absolutely LOVE this blanket, it is made from the softest fabric I have ever felt. I almost want to buy one to keep for the next bub, but maybe I might think of buying my best friend one of these for her baby shower when it comes around in a few months.

The Elephant design is my favourite, as it is quite a neutral design and can be used for both a baby girl or boy or even bought when you want to keep the sex a secret. I know it was quite tricky with Madison because my partner and I did not want to find the sex out, so Madisons first few weeks on Earth was all about whites, creams and yellow clothing and blankets. I would have loved to have her one of these as her birthday is in the colder months.

You can also buy a tulip design, which is super girly and again the attention that is paid to making sure the pattern and design look good is amazing. 

Another product I was sent on loan for review is the,
Mila Organic Baby Alpaca Blanket
$665.50 (inc GST)

Product Description
100% organic Baby Alpaca. Mila is natural and sustainable; a perfect summer/mid season blanket. This beautiful lightweight vintage-style blanket is so soft and feather-light, perfect as a display blanket.
Touch it to believe its texture
Size: 245cm x 220cm. One size fits both King and Queen bed.
Composition and Care: 100% organic Baby Alpaca. Dry Clean only.
Colours: Slate, Light Grey, Natural, Light Brown.

I have never laid hands on anything made out of Alpaca fur and I don’t know that there are many products on the market to be honest. I know when you look at the price you think it is quite expensive, but unlike sheep wool the alpaca wool is a lot less common and is a lot harder to source.
If you ever get the chance to get your hands on baby alpaca blankets, you will see for yourself the difference.
I wish I could call this mine but unfortunately I have to send it back :0(

This blanket comes in four different colours, so there is sure to be one to match your d├ęcor. I don’t know that I can look at normal wool blankets or even cotton blankets again.  Not to mention the baby alpaca wool is so much more warmer and really does lock your body heat in.