Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow

                        Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow
 by OFRA Cosmetics
Now available in Australia RRP $69.95
Introducing the first all-over body glow lotion, designed to create a soft filter like glow to the skin with a light, natural pigment that masks imperfections and evens skin tone and complexion. When this touched my skin, I instantly got the glow I only ever achieved with pregnancy. I wish this product had come into my life a lot earlier then it did, especially for the Summer and hotter months when I really could have flaunted this baby. The way this product reflects any sort of light off it is just amazing. I know I say amazing a lot and should be my middle name but this product takes out the biggest award for the most amazing product on the market.
I would be more then happy to spend the $70 on this product and so much more if it came in a bigger bottle. This for me could easily come in a one litre bottle and I still wouldn’t be happy.
I also like that you don’t need different shades or anything like that there is just a light, medium and tan. I used the light and think that this could go with just about any skin tone as it just blends into your skin tone anyway. I would imagine though the tan would have some sort of brown pigment in it allowing it to blend into your skin a little better and not take away any of your beautiful tanned colour. But I am actually really curious whether or not if I used the tan colour on my skin, if it would act as a fake tan.
Packed with skin loving vitamins, like Vitamin A, C and K, along with hydrating Sweet Almond Oil and skin soothing Aloe Vera, Red Carpet Kolour keeps your skin glowing and healthy all day long! I will be honest when I apply this to my skin I don’t even feel the product on me and I also can’t feel a change to my skin, it simply enhances the way my skin looks and reflects the light.
Available in three natural shades – LIGHT, MEDIUM, TAN