Superman The Metropolis Showdown GIVEAWAY

To celebrate two of this year’s biggest super hero movies; Superman: Man of SteelTM and Iron ManTM3 the LEGO Group is excited to announce the release of their latest LEGO® Super Heroes range.
Re-enact famous scenes from the movies and bring the world of DC and Marvel into your home! Collect wonderful minifigures and grow your Super Heroes collection with these highly detailed and fun-filled sets.

SupermanTM: Metropolis Showdown $22.99

Stop General Zod from trapping Superman under the collapsing antenna tower by blocking it with the cool yellow car. Take Superman up the tower, flip him through the air with the catapult function and swing him on the antenna!
There are also other sets, mostly bigger then this one. I would say out of the entire collection this one would have to be the smallest. Just because it is small doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, we love playing with our Metropolis Showdown. I also love the fact that you can buy all the little people separately, which is good. I remember when I was a kid you had to just have the little characters that came in the set and that was it. I even remember taking a whole heap of little Lego people to my cousin’s house just so we could swap characters.
In this pack you actually get a super cute, mini superman :0) And my daughter says that he has the biggest super powers ever. Thanks to Lego I have the chance for 5 of my viewers to make this beauty theirs.

For your chance to win 1 of 5 Superman The Metropolis Showdown tell me:
If your child had a super power what would it be and why?

Competition ends on the 28th June
Please leave your email so I can contact the winners.
1 entry per household
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Available in stores this May 2013