Scholastic Australia Books that we LOVE for Winter Reads

Winter is upon us now, and with that means a lot more time rugged up indoors as well as some sniffles and colds. A great way for our family to see the cold through is to snuggle up on the couch or sometimes in my bed and read storybooks or watch some kid’s shows. If you ask me I would much prefer to read to them and allow them to get a feel for words and letters.

We have stocked up on our Winter books and were also sent some great reads from Scholastic. I will post their titles below as well as a little review on them. I will warn my viewers though, this may spoil your reads or it may want you to buy these books to see the great illustrations yourself.

There was an old lady who swallowed a mozzie written by P Crumble and Illustrated by Louis Shea
$14.95 from Scholastic Aus
The cover is really cute and actually moves in different angles. In one angle you can see a cute old wrinkly lady wearing a yellow floppy hat with a pink bow, and then in another angle the little old lady is eating a mozzie, which I thought is really cute and something different. I love books with Australian roots, and this is everything Aussie and putting an Aussie twist to an older book, which you may have heard before “The little old lady who swallowed a fly.” This book has great pictures and a lot of our Aussie animals make an appearance in this greatly illustrated book.

Jacko and the Beanstalk
written by Kel Richards and Illustrated by Rob Ainsworth
$13.99 from Scholastic Aus
Another great and amazing Aussie title, like I have said above I love the Australian books and sharing them with the kids. I will warn you there is a scary crocodile in this book, that scared the living daylights out of my 2 year old. HAHA, but my eldest daughter Hayley (5) loved this book and gets me to read it to her before she nods off to sleep in bed. This book is an Aussie verison of Jack and the Beanstalk, the giant croc is the giant. The watercolour artwork throughout the entire book is so amazing and I found myself just pausing and taking in the pictures, the kids loved them as well. Reading this book to my 2year old she actually learnt to say “ROO” Everytime there was a kangaroo on the page.

The Bear Went Over the Mountain by Louis Shea
$16.99 from Scholastic Aus
This book’s detailed illustrations are my favourite of all the books I was sent from Scholastic. Also one thing that totally sold me was the fact that there is a CD included in this book, which is performed by JAY LAGA’AIA who was by far my favourite ABC Playschool actor. My daughter’s both love playing this cd, and flicking through the pages over and over again. So with this book not only did we get to read a great rhyme we also got to sing and dance along to a super cute cd.  There are so many cute little creature and furry friends throughout this book as well.

King pig
written by Nick Bland and Illustrated Nick Bland
$24.99 from Scholastic Press
This is a hard cover book and has had a lot of details put into the drawings on each and every page. I thought this story was great because at the end of the book I explained to my daughter that this book was all about being nice and seeing what happens to the King Pig because he is not nice and literally walks all over his sheep servants. We then went and read through it again and again and I think she gets the point now. Especially when we get to the part where King Pig gets all the sheep out of bed and leads them into his castle only to have them dye their wool and have it sheared right off their back. My daughter has a sad face and says, “ Mummy that is not very nice is it, King Pig should just go to the shops like us to get new clothes.” She kind of gets the point with a little funny twist. In the end the sheep do get the apology they deserve. I enjoy this book very much.

written and illustrated by Sara Acton
$24.99 and sourced from Scholastic Press
This is a really cute picture book and the little girl reminds me of my daughter Hayley and her imagination.  This book was also drawn around Autumn which fits in perfect with this cold weather. It all starts with the mum telling her daughter to hold her hand or she might fly away. Then the young girls imagination begins to wonder off onto the things she would do and see if she let go and the wind blew her away. No matter where this young girl goes her teddy goes with her. My daughter has a dolly that no matter where we go the teddy is right under my daughter’s wing. My daughter Madison also likes this book as there is not to many words on each page, so she has a new picture to look at more often.