JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials

I love that Johnson’s is no longer just a baby brand name, it is a trusted skincare brand. If they make products gentle enough for babies skin, I think their facial products have to be one of the most gentle range I have used.  I love the Daily Essentials Packaging, it is pretty pink and just has soft gentle images on the front. You can tell a Johnson’s product from miles away which I think is a good thing. They also make the different lines look different so it is easy to spot the one you are after. Some things in life don’t need to be fussy... like your skincare routine for example. Effective skincare shouldn’t be over-complicated, nor should it come with too many promises.

All you really need are products that work hard to leave your skin feeling clean, soft and ready for whatever your day throws at you.
JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials is a range of affordable, effective cleansers and a daily moisturiser, that care for a variety of skin types.
The range is gentle, effective and affordable and with the trusted JOHNSON’S brand you know that you’re getting great quality skin care that will be gentle on skin.

JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials Facial Wash Gel
RRP: $8.99
Designed for normal to combination skin, this gel cleanser will gently lift away impurities whilst providing skin with important minerals to restore freshness. A Vitamin C derivative adds important anti-oxidants to protect skin against environmental damage.

I like that you can actually see the moisturising beads in the tube, they look like tiny pink balls. You don’t actually feel them on your face as they breakdown on contact, which I think is really nice. I was half expecting them to be like exfoliating beads, but they certainly are not. The smell is a pleasure and is like most other Johnson’s products (if you have tried them before,) and if not the smell is almost like soft talc scent.

JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash
RRP: $8.99
Cleanse your skin gently while exfoliating
and removing impurities – without overdrying. Soap free, Johnson’s Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash is specially formulated with micro-beads that leave the skin feeling and looking not only clean but noticeably smooth and soft. With Glycerine, known for its skin softening properties, it’s great for all skin types and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

With this gentle exfoliator you can barely feel the beads on your face they are that find. I do find that the product does clean you face amazingly and again has that same smell. I don’t clean my face a lot and tend to just use a light exfoliator once a week, so this is a perfect product for me. It doesn’t exactly foam up on your face but at the same time it isn’t like the gel. I needed just over a pea size amount and that did both my neck and also my face. I will warn you this product can make your hands super slippery in the shower. The bottle slipped out of my hands while I was trying to pop it back and it dropped straight on my toe, lets just say it didn’t tickle!! I have since learnt to pop the product on one hand, flip the lip shut on my hip and put the bottle back THEN and ONLY then start scrubbing my face gently.


Moisturising Day Cream
RRP: $6.59
 Give your skin the moisture it needs leaving it soft and supple with this daily cream. The soft cream absorbs quickly so it won’t feel heavy on your skin. It’s easily, formulated to actively hydrate your skin to optimise its natural moisture level.

The moisturising Day cream is quite a thick textured cream and you will only need a small amount. The product is very cheap and can be bought at your local supermarket, which makes it super easy for us mothers. In Winter my skin dries out, especially on my cheek area so this product really helps to relieve that and keep it look soft and supple. Although I would much prefer this cream as a night cream rather then a day cream. My personal choice when it comes to Day cream is a more watery, thin type of cream that instantly soaks into the skin. This product also double as an awesome hand cream :0) which is always handy, but then again you could use it on any part of your body.