ORLY Mash up

Are you bold enough to break the rules? It’s time to put away dull winter polishes and get your nails ready for the ride of the season with ORLY’s electric new collection, Mash Up! Inspired by vivacious fashion and zany digital prints, these new shades are all the right kinds of wild and wonderful and are certain to give your pointers the attention they deserve.

The colourful new collection boasts six daring shades:
RRP: $18.95 Each
   Choreographed Chaos: This is a Bubblegum pink chrome colour. It looks like just a pretty pink until the light reflects of it and it gives your nails that chrome effect. This is my daughters favourite by far. She likes to mix it with the pretty-ugly shade and calls her nails Hubba Bubba Nails :0)
   Harmoniousmess: This is a Lavender crème colour. I love this colour as it has that greyish look about it, which has been my favourite this Autumn. This polish also goes with any outfit, but then again I never ever match my nails to my outfit (that is so 90s.)
   Mayhem Mentality: A Vibrant orange crème which really jumps off your nails. I love this orange which to me is more of a neon bright orange. I can’t take my eyes off my nails when I am outside in the sun, it almost hurts my eyes looking at them. I have not tried a super bright colour like this until this collection arrived at my door step.. And now I cannot get enough of the bright, fluro kind of colours.
   Sparkling Garbage: Is a Saturated green with holographic glitter. This glitter looks great by itself but is best when it is placed on top of another colour, especially the blues and greens. I cannot believe how amazing this colour looks when it hits the light or is seen outside. I was driving the other day and just had the Sparkling Garbage on my ring fingers and I could not take my eyes off it. Up until then I didn’t know how nicely this sparkled as I applied it in my dark bedroom with only the lamp on. I have also posted a photo here of the duo I did with this polish.
   Pretty Ugly: Described as a Teal shimmer.  This polish is anything from ugly and is actually my favourite shade out of the entire collection. I love the names ORLY come up with for their polishes, they are both fun and cooky. Sometimes when I cannot decide which colour I want to buy I just look at the name and nine times out of ten the name sells me. Pretty Ugly is almost like a Tiffany colour just dulled down a little and some shimmer thrown in there. Also you can just have a hint of the colour to your nail by just applying one light coat, or have the real intense teal colour (which is my favourite.) So I tried it the other day, but it didn’t turn out to well as I was under the pump for time. But I applied this polish to my nails increasing the amount I used on each nail to create an ombre effect down my nails. It would have been great if only I had taken the time, but oh well I will try it again down the track and post on Instagram (@summerloveliving)
   Beautiful Disaster: A very pretty Magenta chrome colour. I received this package when I was leaving to visit my mum and opened it when I got to my mums. This was my mum’s favourite colour, so I HAD to paint her nails with it. I didn’t particulary like this colour, but when it is on the nail it is actually nice and reflects the light so much better then in the bottle. When Beautiful Disaster is on your nail it looks nothing like what it looks like in the bottle. The best way to describe this colour is a deep purple marrone  shade with a shimmer to it.

I love all these shades from the ORLY collection and they will really brighten up and mix up my Winter. No more boring brown or gold nails. I loved these so much for the first week after receiving these I had a new nail colour each and every day, love them soo much; but then again ORLY never ceases to amaze me. This will not be the last time you see these babies on both my blog and instagram, these will be my colour saviours this Winter.