Polished London- Cornwall Coconut Dry Shampoo

Do you like to have gorgeous hair all the time without spending hours every day washing your luscious locks? I know being a mummy myself; I don’t have time to wash my hair every single day. And not only am I stuck for time, my hair hates being washed every day and becomes so frizzy and weak if washed more then 3 times per week.

When I finish at the hairdresser and get a nice blow wave and style I want it to last longer then just the one day/night. And the Polished London helps prolong my blow dry for that little bit longer, and I LOVE it.
Bad hair days are a thing of the past with Polished London NEW Dry Shampoo! It’s ultra-absorbing, extra voluminising formulation, revives dull oily hair in minutes. Use in between washes to invigorate and refresh your hair without the need of water (which means were also water saving at the same time :-p )

Whether you are a Bonny Blonde or a Blighty Brunette, you have long, short or curly hair Polished London revives lifeless, oily hair between washes, for an instant feeling of clean, beautiful hair with added bounce.
Simply spray into your roots, massage through and voilĂ ! Clean, refreshed and volumised hair in a matter of minutes.
Polished London beauty must-have is available in Blonde and Brunette varieties, as well as two delicious fragrances!
Pick the scent that suits you.

Say no to white residue! Blighty Brunette & Bonny Blonde each contain a hint of colour to work with your hairtones instead of against it. Skip a wash and help hide the appearance of re-growth in one easy step.
Or why not try Bristol Bloom a soft floral bouquet that feels like a spring clean for your hair or let the coconut based scent of Cornwall Coconut whisk you off to that tropical getaway.
Polished London Dry Shampoo
is an absolute time saver for the ultimate girl on the go. I was sent the Cornwall Coconut and was so in love with the smell and how much this spray actually smells like coconut. At the moment I am using a vanilla shampoo and conditioner and the coconut scent of the Polish London Dry shampoo really compliments it and makes a great combo. I will certainly be stocking up on this product come Summer time, you may as well call me the Polished London ambassador because this is not the last time you will see and hear of this product that is for sure.
Spend more time in bed and less time washing and blow-drying with Polished London Dry Shampoo.

This generous sized can is ONLY $4.99