Almost every child I know is easily entertained with a little bit of technology. For Christmas my daughter who is turning 5 in a few months an iPod touch. We loaded it up with heaps on educational games and even some cool little sing along apps. I have seen some pretty cute accessories for both iPhones and also iPod's, but nothing compares to the one I will introduce you to right now.

And that is these uber cute Zimmiz, they come in three colours; green, pink and blue. The toys themselves are made out of a really soft material, perfect for cuddles. It is also very easy to clean, which is great for them sticky fingers an grubby bots.

When Hayley saw this come out of the box, she was all over it like a fly on rubbish. She really wanted to play this, and with that no time was wasted.
She passed me her iPod touch and we got to downloading the app right away. 
At first we had a little trouble with the app and had no idea what was going on, but that was nobodies fault but my own. In the setup process where you make your Zimmiz look the way you want I did something wrong at the end. But I deleted the app and re-installed it on my iPhone 5 and it worked straight away. 
I felt like a real goose, how could an adult stuff up a kids toy :-/ ahh well in the end we got it working, and my daughter was left playing with her "kimmy" (that's her nickname for her Zimmiz. Her favourite thing to do with it is shake it until her Zimmiz gets dizzy, after doing this three times in a row the Zimmiz vomits on the screen and you need to wipe it off. 

You can also feed your Zimmis, scratch your Zimmis, poke him in the eye and then fix it with a steak, tickle your Zimmis, it it to sleep by closing its eyes and so many more things. 

I even caught myself out having a heap of fun with the Zimmiz while my daughter stood there saying,"mum it's my toy, can I please play it?!"
 I like it because it protects the iPod that little bit more as well. We've had a few drops and not one scratch to the touch.

Hayley loves her Zimmiz toy and now as I write this my youngest is having a ball.