Montagne Jeunesse fills my heart with love

Naww I am loving my early Valentines Present from the lovelies at Montagne Jeunesse. I actually got a little flutter in the belly when receiving this super cute card.

And then when I actually used the passion peel off mask I was in pure heaven. . It is a lovely purple colour and really smells amazing . And then comes the fun part of peeling it off once it has set. I always makes sure I have a Montagne Jeunesse peel off mask when I need that pick me up pampering session.

I was then treated to a really yummy lollipop that really did hit the sweet tooth for a 6. On the card is reads Sugar Makes the heart grow fonder And I think it did after eating this sweet treat, and applying an even sweeter treat to my face.
Thank you so much Montagne Jeunesse for making my day/week and even Valentines Day so much better

Love you guys so much