Aussie Girl is an Australian Beauty Must HAve

I don’t think you can get much more down under in the beauty industry.. These are the cutest little nail polish bottles I have ever seen.

As everybody would know I love supporting our Aussie Owned and Made products, this product is no exception. It ticks all the boxes and is topped off with a bottle in the shape of Australia.

Aussie Girl Cosmetics was created and designed by 2 Perth women Marie Susi & Michelle D'Monte. They recently realised a long held dream when they created Aussie Girl Nail polish in 2012. The Dynamic Duo mooted the idea of designing this product several years ago when they where both working together in retail.
Both being Australian, we are completely inspired by the Australian way of life, from the beautiful landscapes & nature, our iconic animals and even our "Aussie slang".

Their shades are amazing and the names of their shades being inspired by Australian icons or things. 
I was a very lucky ‘Aussie Girl’ and was sent four different shades to road test and swatch.
They were the

#7 Crickey Crock- Which without even having to see the colour you would know it is some sort of green. This would have been a green I would use when colouring in a crocodile in primary school. It’s a lighter green.

#20 The Great Barrier Wonder- This is a very different colour. It is a mix between a green and a blue, and if you were to ask which of the two It is more of I couldn’t tell you as it is smack bang in the middle. With saying that it this does remind me of taking a dip in The Great Barrier Reef

#21 Melbourne Spring Carnival- Spring carnival in Melbourne is all about the glits and the fashion. And this nail polish sums it up into one. A nice glimmer purple colour, really reflects the light nicely giving you that little bit of bling. It almost makes me want to wear purple this year to the races.

#25 The Blue Lake- Is a beautiful shade of blue and is exactly what you see when you search the blue lake Australia in Google images.  I love this shade the most out of them all I think and it’s great for nail art.

The polishes by Aussie Girl have a very nice finish, and you only need two coats max to get the desired look. The photos I have taken all have just one coat, and I think they are perfect like that.  The brush is also really easy to control and keep within the nail space. I didn’t get on my cuticles once.

 From left to right- Crikey Croc, the great barrier wonder, melbourne spring carnival and the blue lake.