Kin Kin Naturals- The Greener way to cleaning

Here is my Kin Kin naturals review :)

I recently discovered some amazing environmentally friendly products from Kin Kin naturals website.
They are a Noosa Hinterland based family business, passionate about making local, all natural cleaning products that actually work. They only use ingredients we would put in our own backyard or close to our children's skin.

Here is a little info on their little family :0)

Dad - Felix - is a PhD-qualified formulator, who used to work for OMO. His skills level is unique in the world of eco products - we hope you will notice the difference when using our products.

Mum - Sandy - is in charge of production and also develops our packaging designs.

Our kids - Marijn and Pippa - help as well, at times.

For me the biggest thing I love about this brand is it is a family owned and run here in Australia. It fits perfectly into my blog, just perfect.
Now the thing that has really sold me is Felix used to work for OMO being one of their qualified formulators. My brand of washing powder I used, yes USED was OMO. I will be finishing off the last pack of OMO and converting over to Kin Kin Naturals and hopefully seeing them expand into new scents and hoping them all the best. Every mum and Dad out there needs to try the natural alternative, it will make all the difference to your family and also the environment. After all once were finished with the water, do you really want to drain that water out into the ocean or wherever it goes full of chemicals? Me... No!!! We often use our washing machine water run off and dishes water in the garden to help water them. So this makes sure no harmful chemicals are coming in contact with the garden.


I have just used the Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus laundry liquid. 
I adore the smell, the lovely scent of Lemon myrtle is equally as strong as the eucalyptus yet it is so pleasant to the nose. My clothes came up so very clean and after washing drying and putting in the wardrobe, I opened the wardrobe to its pleasant smell for days. The fact that’s its 100% natural and made in Australia is just the icing on this amazing product.

Lavender and Ylang Ylang Laundry liquid
This one is my favourite of the two smells, and stays on your clothes even after taking them off the line. Often when I am wearing the clothes that I have used this on I get a waft of the scent. If I were to create my own scented washing line the scent I would make them would 100% be sweet pea and vanilla. I wouldn't use anything else. If you were to create scented line of washing products, what scent would you use??

Tangerine and Mandarin Dishwash Liquid and Also Lime and Eucalyptus Dishwash Liquid
My favourite of these two would definitely be the tangerine and the mandarin scented one, it smells so great, and when I wash the dishes the entire kitchen smells fruity and fresh. You also don't get any sort of film on what you wash up. I have found with some Dishwash liquids your left with a soapy film on them and if you don't rinse you'll taste liquid, it is really gross. The lime and eucalyptus smell is a nice one, but eucalyptus just isn't really me . Don't get me wrong I love eucalyptus but for me personally it is more of a winter smell. The eucalyptus is the main smell in this liquid, with a hint of lime giving it that zesty smell. 
With both of these Dishwash liquids, I love that for a sink full of water you only need 2-3 drops and that washes the dishes perfect. So your big bottle goes a long way, which I think is fantastic as you really get your money's worth.

Lime and Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher powder,
 my dishwasher loves it almost as much as I do. My dishes have come out so very clean and fresh but not only that but the dishwasher itself smells great too. Its natural its fresh and its made in good old Australia! What more could you want?

Felix has offered the complete range of their products as a prize - and he's keen to hear your ideas for their next products.
To enter the draw, answer the following three questions as a comment on this blog post:
Question 1: Which essential oils would you choose for an all natural hand wash? (for example - I would love sweet pea & vanilla)

Question 2: Which essential oils would you choose for an all natural all-purpose spray cleaner?

Question 3: On a scale of 1-10, how often do you buy all natural products? (10 meaning very regularly)
Entries close on the 28 of February 2013 at midnight. And winner announced on the 1st of March.
One entry per household please.
Also please don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact winners.