Lego- Small Cottage

I love being able to relax and watch the kid’s imagination wonder away while they build their own little world out of LEGO bricks.
But not only are lego blocks suitable for kids, they are great for just about any age. I remember being a little kid and staying at my grandma and pah’s house, and Pah used to sit there and help me build away.
To this day I still love building with lego and you will often catch me in the playroom helping them build. it is a great way to get their fine motor skills working, and just being able to be proud of what they create and accomplish.

Small Cottage RRP $39.99
Build a countryside getaway with the Small Cottage! This cozy creation is the perfect LEGO® brick-built vacation home with everything a minifigure needs to unwind! Put the sausage on the grill, cruise around on the skateboard or swim in the pond! Take off the roof and open the rear of the Small Cottage to explore inside! Features a lamp, drawers, swivel chair and a table. Rebuild it into an impressive windmill or skater’s house for even more cool LEGO® creation destinations! Open the skater’s house with hinged walls to play inside or grind on the rails with the skateboard! Spin the blades of the windmill and repair it with the wrench.

My daughter hayley’s favourite thing to build at her nanna’s is houses and gardens. So when she was sent the Creator- small cottage she was so excited and rearing to go. I know why they call it a small cottage though, it builds to a cute size, that is big enough to allow them little fingers to get around. and this one box allows you to build 3 different things, which i though was great value for money. You can build the cottage of course, they you can also build a windmill and then lastly there is the two part hinged house (which i think is super cute as you can have it opened or closed) . My daughter built the two-part house as it is open up at the back and she gets her little lego people and pretends that they are living there and that.

The thing I love most about lego is it is a time to bond with my daughter Hayley, as Madison is a little bit to small for theses blocks and attempts to see what they taste like. She knows she can’t eat them but she just likes the feeling on her teeth though. i think it may be best if we go out and buy her, her own set of larger lego blocks designed for the little ones.

I hope to grow our collection of Lego into something really special with loads of blocks like at nanna’s house.
I have now gone out and bought a display cabinet just so Miss Hayley can pop all her lego creations in and take them out to rebuild as she pleases, with out her little sister trying to attack them. Let the collecting and building begin!!