Yumm Dressings

The first thing I want to point out is that Yumm is a company that hand makes their dressings here in Melbourne. And if that isn’t awesome enough, a lot of the ingredients are source from local producers and farmers. The creator of these dressings is a lady named Tarryn, who is a mother herself and understand the whole deal that comes with being a mum and trying to feed your kids right (which can sometimes be quite a juggling act.)
  If you jump onto their site and have a look you will see their dressings have won multiple awards, which just goes to show how good of a quality product they produce. But don’t let me try and convince you, I am sure you will be sold on the first taste.

yumm dressings have been created from much loved family recipes. They're handmade and blended in small batches using fresh ingredients and the finest produce available. The result is a delicious and natural dressing that transforms simple greens into mouthwatering dishes. One taste and you'll be begging for more.
Our versatile natural salad dressings contain no artificial preservatives or colours. We use fresh ingredients to capture that fresh homemade taste. You'll taste the difference.

very original

The classic choice for every salad. This unique and perfectly balanced dressing will transform your salad from great to yumm! A blend of olive and sesame oils, fresh garlic and pure Australian honey, yumm 'very original' strikes a refreshing balance with all your favourite salads.

This is like an explosion in our families mouth. The taste is like no other dressing I have ever had before, and one that I very much love. I have used this dressing not only in a fresh garden salad and also coleslaw. My family made a warm chicken salad with this dressing and It was to die for, my partner has asked multiple times for me to make this again. But our last salad I used every last drop, and I am yet to buy another bottle but I will!!

balsamic drizzle
Stylish, versatile and perfectly balanced, this silky smooth balsamic reduction allows you to recreate the gourmet quality of fine dining in your very own home; A taste to remember. Drizzle over chargrilled vegetables, bitter greens or antipasto. Superb as a finish for lamb and game. Beautifully complements fish and seafood. Enhances the flavour of fresh berries.

 My partner Matthew loves the European style salads with lots of cucumber and capsicum with only a little lettuce. I usually make up a balsamic dressing for it, which consists of: balsamic (of course), sweet chilli sauce, sugar, salt and pepper. But this OMG is something on a totally different level. It is a mix of amazing flavours, but great on almost anything you would put normal vinegar on.
Personally I love drizzling this over baked capsicum, it is really yumm J

thai zing
This exciting fusion of fresh Thai flavours offers the perfect 'zing' to enliven any dish!  The sublime balance of sweetness, spice and heat works beautifully as a dressing, marinade or dipping sauce.  zing it on!

Matthew likes this sauce, but the kids and I don’t really favour this dressing. It has a bit of spice and I can’t stand even the slightest amount.. As for my partner he absolutely loves spicy things and this is right up his alley.