It is time for Autumn and with saying that means some colder weather. And to be honest I am glad, don’t get me wrong I love Summer but I am over everyday being 30 plus.
With colder weather means it is time to rug up or get sick, and there is one thing I hate when rugging up. . and that’s the fact that a scarf hides my neck accessories and a jacket hides my wrist bling.
So when it comes to Autumn I start getting my shop on for pretty rings and cute nail polish, as my hands will be the things you will see most.

Thanks to ORLY I have found some beautiful shades that will see me through and a colour that will pretty much match any outfit.

Firstly I will start with the colour that will match just about anything you wear and that is the: Mirror Mirror shade.

This is a light grey colour with a high sheen finish adding that little bit of gloss to your nails. With this colour in particular you will need the two coats and no less, or else it does look quite opaque. I love this and I will be having a little play around on my instagram with this colour and nail stamps :) 

Then I was also lucky enough to try the Soul Mate, which is a red pink colour. This will go nicely with a little bit of denim, or even a great colour clash. I would almost be happy to colour clash the soul mate and the Mirror Mirror going one out on the soul mate as show below. But this would also be a great colour to pair up with that little black dress for them special occasions or more formal events. It is a very sophisticated classy colour.

The last colour, which I think, would be perfect for Autumn and is each and every year is the Coffee Break, and as you may have guessed this is a brown shade. It is almost the same colour as then you have a coffee in a glass cup and that shade at the bottom. I really love this colour, and love pairing it with my new cardi’s just in time for Autumn. I really am an earthy colour kind of girl and rarely go crazy on the colours (although the kooky me comes out sometimes and I go nuts on the colour, especially the fluro’s.)