Brown Brother's- Great Sparking Drops

I have been a massive lover of Brown Brothers Moscato for as long as I can remember. It is actually the drink that got me into wine, and got the fire in my belly to try the different types of wine that is on the market.

So when I was sent NV Prosecco Italian Sparking from the lovely people at BB I was over the moon, and instantly thinking of meals that I could cook to pair with it. It is a dry but sweet Sparkling wine and wanting to keep with the Italian theme; I decided to go with nice chicken pasta topped with ricotta cheese. 

“It’s light and delicate with delicious apples and pear characteristics, making it the sparkling wine of summer.” – Brown Brothers Executive Director, Ross Brown.

This wine is produced here in Australia in the King Valley, which is also known as Victoria’s own Prosecco region. This sparkling was released just last year, so it’s quite a newbie to the Brown Brothers family.

The wine is produced from the Brown Brother’s ‘Banksdale’ property, which can be visited I do believe.

Some great foods that you can pair your BB Prosecco with could be: smoked salmon brioche, Vietnamese chicken salad or even a simple cold meat platter (which really are a hit in Summer.)

The Brown Brothers NV Prosecco can be bought on the shelves of retail stores near your for ONLY RRP $17.90 Which for me is jaw dropping and a super great bargain for such a perfect drop of wine.

I will be buying this even for my next summer barbie at home J I know it will be a hit.

Now I think this next product from Brown Brothers is a great gift idea, as there is sure to be something in there the special person receiving the gift would like.
Brown Brothers has brought out the super cute ‘mini range.’ But they are great to take with you to a party as well when you are the only one who likes a certain drop and won’t drink the whole bottle. These bottles you get about 2 and a half glasses out of, give or take. So there is no need to put a bottle away and think ‘ohh yeah I’ll keep that in here someone will drink it.’ By that time the taste has changed or it is no longer a  ‘sparkling’ wine. I am writing this review sipping on a glass of Cienna and wondering where on earth it has been all my life. I thought it wouldn’t taste good at all as it just looks like a sparkling red wine. But my god the subtle sweetness of this drop is amazing, and so refreshing on a hot day. This glass could easily be sipped on through a meal or just any old time really. I am very much enjoying this drop as we speak.
The ‘Mini’ selection includes; the bright and vibrant Vintage Sparkling Moscato (200ml), which has citrus aromas and a sherbet perfume and a delightful refreshing fruitiness on the palate; the Vintage Sparkling Moscato Rose (200ml), the a pink strawberry hue and lifted berry aromas complemented by a spicy perfume and fruitiness on the palate; the Moscato (275ml), a vibrant mild-frizzante wine with youthful green tinges and aromas of musk and citrus; and the Cienna (275ml), a light ruby red colour, which has aromas of fresh berry spice and a hint of spice.

I was even just thinking now, these would make really cute table bon bonier’s for weddings with a little thank you tag hanging off it or something. I would be a very happy guest to see one of these babies sitting on the table with my name on it!!

RRP for a 4-bottle fridge pack is $19.90 but the single bottles are $5.90

Enjoy responsibly.