Beauty Mate is my mans mate

Why oh Why would people want to support other brands?? Brands that charge you almost triple of what it actually cost to produce a product, meaning the company makes a stack while your pocket really pays.
I know we are now beautymates for life (well my partner is anyway.) He wont be buying another hair product from anywhere else from now on.
One- Beauty Mate is made and owned by Aussies, two- it costs a fraction less then most male products on the markets. And can now be purchased from Woolworths stores.


When we saw the red tent down at St Kilda beach and saw Beauty Mate's banner up, we just had to pop in. I had never actually met Peter in real life more over cyberspace. And thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put a face to the emails. And boy was I glad I took my partner Matt in there. The staff was so friendly and approachable, and Peter was an absolute laugh, a real top bloke. Matt and Peter spoke all the manly things like footy and horse racing, while I had a chat to the lovely ladies about the setup and activities they had going.

In their tent today, there were plenty of amazing giveaways and even a fun little game where you had to pin a mo on a poster to win some great prizes.
Mr Matt felt like a king when he was treated to a ‘manover’ or the perfect manjob J, having his hair all done nicely by the lovely ladies there.

This was also an opportunity for Matt to see some of the other amazing products that Beauty Mate has to offer.

Here he was shown their Shampoo and Conditioner, and was lucky enough to be sent home with some. He jumped out of the shower tonight smelling like a real man. He is in love with the products and I think he loves the fact that he has a product this is solely ‘his’, in other words MEN ONLY!!! He is always settling for my crappy shampoo and conditioner that just doesn’t work and leaves him smelling like a flower or some fruit. He hates this, and is so glad he has a product that keeps him smelling like the manly man he is.
The shampoo has a kind of peppermint smell to it, that might be a yuck way of putting it but it smells really good, and no harsh chemical soap smell. Which it doesn’t have as they have used natural plant derived foaming agents to help get your man bubbly.
The conditioner was both his favourite, smelling product and mine. The smell is a pear, vanilla and mint fragrance (you can barely smell the mint though.) Matt suffers from dry scalp quite often and really needs a good conditioner to keep it under control, which I think he has finally found. His hair had a glow to it when he jumped out of the shower and I have caught him a few times now running his fingers through his hair!!
The conditioner will only set you back $11.95 and same for the shampoo.
So if you are the main shopper for your household, I suggest you spoil your man and buy him some beautymate to try, I bet he will never look back after using their products mine hasn’t!!!