Mr Fothergill's little gardener kits

Summer means swimming, more play in the outdoors and even some much loved camping. But for my kids and me it is much more then that!! It is a time we can spend on our garden and getting our veggie patch ready for the Autumn. A lot of the veggies we like to grow are best planted in the hotter seasons like Summer.
So when we were sent the cutest little pack from Mr Fothergill’s my daughters and me were over the moon. We love getting dirty hands and mud underneath our nails. Were not scared to dig up the dirt and love being able to eat what we grow. Not only that, flowers and plants gives our yard some personality. We love playing out the back, and I love being able to sit under my umbrella reading a book only to take a look around at a flourishing garden.
Our pack from Mr. Fothergill’s contained heaps of goodies including seeds, Growing Cup Kits and even some super cute Grow and Create Kits.
The grow and create kits were my daughters favourite, as you get to plant the seeds and then completely decorate the pot with stickers provided. The box also turns into a cute little scarecrow name tag.
The thing that got me with all these kits was the awesome soil pallets they come with. I have never seen anything like this and think they are a fantastic idea. Who needs to carry out a 25kg bag of soil when you can have these bad boys? All you have to do is add the pellets to a certain amount of warm water and then they expand out into soil. I was so amazed at this whole process and so was my partner. He works in the construction industry and sees many landscapers and new things, but nothing like this.
We did get a little over excited and got to sowing all our seeds straight away. We are currently up to day 9, and the lolly plant is killing it and growing away. But the others like the lemonade plant, the mini strawberry, the mini tomatoes and the Italian parsley have only just started to turn into little seedlings.
My daughter every morning before kinder always has to go out there and check their process and give them a little drink before it gets to hot. She loves watching something she has planted grow and change.
We have just bought some more lovely pots so that when the plants outgrow their cups and containers we can transfer them to a new home to grow. But with all the kits you are given more seeds then you need as you may get some duds. But all you have to do is leave about 5 of the strongest looking seedlings and transfer the others to give the strong ones a better chance of growing.
This was not a product that I was sent just for review purposes. They just sent me a care package to have a play with, but this was just to good not to pop up and share with you all.
If you wanted to see Mr. Fothergill’s full range just head to the below link. You will be amazed at their superb range.