Dax Haircare

I was sent this hair wax to for Mr. Matthew to try out. I like these especially for men because they have really plain easy to read packaging. You also cannot confuse a product as they have all different colours. 
Dax doesn't only make wax they also make other hair care products such as treatments and shampoo/conditioners. Some of their products look really interesting and unlike ay other I have seen on the market. 

DAX High & Tight: Awesome Hold RRP $4.80us (on the left)
You are able to purchase this online and they do ship to Australia. I would suggest though if you want to buy this buy in bulk to have it shipped over.
This one was my favourite out of the two as it had that real coconut yummy smell. It was perfect for summer, but can easily be used all year round. 
It held is hair nicely and didn't fall at all during the day. The only time I did notice it dropping is when the weather gets hot or he was in the sun for a long amount of time, so I would say the wax was just purely melting in the Melbourne heat.

It provides superior hold and strength. Fortified with Coconut Oil, Lanolin and Jojoba Oil; High & Tight will keep your hair at attention and bring attention to your hair!


Coconut Oil — Excellent conditioner that penetrates into hair and adds shine.
Jojoba Oil — Helps nourish and add moisture and shine to hair.
Lanolin — Enhances moisture retention resulting in softer, smoother hair.
Usage Instructions:

DAX Hair Wax RRP $5.60 US (on the right)
Again they do ship to Australia I'd you buy online through their store.
 is an everyday styling product. It is a strong holding wax that contains a special ingredient to help it wash out more easily. Great for short or medium length hair!

This was also a really good product as Matt hates a product that isn't easy to wash out!! I will often hear him in the shower growl and moan as he gets out of the shower to dry his hair and notices the hair product he has used isn't completely washed out.
 This wax just gave him that kind of wet look with no real hold factor, which nine times out of 10 is the look he goes for. But he reckons when he washed it out, it was sort of like a hair treatment and kept telling me to feel how silky his hair felt! I think I will have to buy this product again for him, since he has received the tub this is the only real product he turns to.


Beeswax — Has been known to help make hair stronger and thicker. Beeswax can also help build the volume of hair in order to provide improved control and texture to hair for a particular desired style. Beeswax can give additional shine and glossy appearance to hair and offer extra protection. The presence the wax coating benefits and antioxidants helps protect the hair from harm and damage created from everyday styling, environmental factors and conditions. Beeswax can also help provide added lubrication, moisture, hydration, and softness to hair.
PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate — An emollient and cleanser that helps wash out DAX Hair Wax and leaves hair feeling soft and manageable.