Celebrity Slim- I need my body back

Celebrity Slim Rapid Shake

This year I really did struggle to loose any weight to get in shape for my bikini body, so looks like it is singlet swimming for me. I just couldn't say no to that devil the food and junk food, especially with the festive season and all these Xmas parties I just can't stop.

But I think it's never to late to start, and 2 weeks ago was a major change in my life. That change is Celebrity Slim!!

They are really great to incorporate into your life and diet. I  do not stick to the rules at all though, and I've skipped the rapid weightless because as far as I am concerned as long as it is coming off then I am happy. Not only that I feel really sick and just run down by 5 if I haven't had lunch.
So what I do is I have a shake in the morning for breakfast. I then will have one of Celebrity Sims snacks in between breakfast and lunch. My favourite is their low carb crunchy chocolate meal bar. It is not bland and tasteless like a lot of weight loss snacks out there. And it really does leave you feeling full and not wanting to snack. Then I have a light meal for lunch such as a salad or some chicken. If I get picky in between lunch and dinner , which isn't very often, I reach for another Celebrity Slim snack. 

I am happy to bend the rules if I am still dropping the weight, in these two weeks I have dropped 5kgs, which to me is still pretty decent considering I haven't added any exercise to the mix just doing the normal mummy things.

I will continue to use Celebrity Slim in my everyday life to help me maintain a good weight once I've lost some more weight. I feel so great and healthy, and my confidence really has been boosted now the kg's are dropping off. 

I will post up some photos with a before and after when I drop another 5kgs so let's hope in another 2 weeks!!

Celebrity Slim Rapid 840g Tub: RRP: $34.99 and this is enough to make 21 shakes.
Celebrity Slim Rapid shakes are available in Chocolate, Cafe Latte and Vanilla.
You can find Celebrity a slim in all leading pharmacy and grocery stores including Priceline, Coles and Woolworths.

Also Celebrity Slim is AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED!!!