Nivea Lip Butter

New Nivea Lip Butters
With Summer comes annoyingly sore chapped sun damaged lips. And to be honest I think the main reason is that because we use products on our lips with no SPF or anything they literally bake while out in the sun.
After going for a day at the beach, I came home and my lips were literally stinging and felt like they were on fire. So I turned to my review pile (which is products I am yet to try out and write about.) Where I found these beauties.
I was sent for trial both the Unscented and the Caramel Cream, both of which work amazing. I used the Unscented one first as I was a little scared that the Caramel Cream might sting as it is scented. The Unscented ones smells like absolutely nothing and glides on nicely giving me the quick relief I needed.
I now also use this product underneath and over my lipstick to give it that extra hydrated look.
The Caramel Cream always makes me crave ice-cream because it smells likes my all time favourite ice-cream!! I sit there licking my lips hoping to taste the oozing caramel, but luckily this lip butter has no taste what so ever or else I wouldn’t be able to keep this on my lips for long.
The Nivea Lip Butters are also very affordable only costing RRP $5.19 per tin. These are expected to hit shelves Mid-March, so not too much of a wait now.
Just another product I carry around in my handbag, and just another Nivea product for my collection J