Manicare goes Aztec

Ok, you may remember my little write up a while back for the Manicare Mini Tweezers… But they have just out done themselves and made me fall in love all over again.
I am going through a massive Aztec print stage right now, I am buying Aztec print dresses and even just purchased an Aztec phone cover online which I will post pictures of as soon as it arrives.
But Manicare have almost completed my life with these Aztec beauties. They have given their nail files and mini tweezers a little Aztec makeover. I know you will agree with how adorable this tweezers are!! When I am plucking them hairs in my brows that just wouldn’t budge with wax, I find myself just looking at the tweezers. I have even been so focused on them that I pinched my skin with not concentrating on what I was doing.
There is no hair that these babies cannot pluck out, they are really fine tipped and strong. They get a great grip on whatever it is they need to grab onto, but just be careful as they do bite if your not concentrating as I found out!!
But Manicare also involved their loyal lovelies in deciding with prints would make the cut. How they did this was through their Manicare Facebook page.  I actually voted on my favourite print and luckily that was other Manicare beauties favourite to as it made the cut and even made it to my front door J
The Mini Tweezers come in three different prints as shown here and will only cost about $7.95,  but prices may vary from place to place.
Now the super cute nail files have more of a variety in the Aztec designs having 5 different prints. These nail shapers are also very affordable only setting you back $1.95 each. I am on a mission to collect them all, and why not the entire collection will only cost me less then $10.00!!

You can find these babies at Priceline, Target, Big W, Myer and Selected Pharmacies.