recreate the Taylor Swift look with Vani-T

Vani-T International Make Up Artist, Monica Tietjens was nice enough to help develop this amazing look that I will use time and time again. I cannot tell you how much of an amazing product line this is. I could apply this makeup and not need a touch up until bed. It just stays where you put it and that’s it, you can enjoy your day/night.  So lets kick this how to off shall we J ENJOY BEAUTIES, please share with me you recreations.

Vani-T Colour Crystal in Polished Silver
Vani-T Colour Crystal in Moon Stone
Vani-T Colour Crystal in Storm

Vani-T Eye Definer in Denim
Vani-T Mineral Lash Mascara
Vani-T Mineral Lip Glaze in Frisky Business
Vani-T Airbrush Foundation
Vani-T Colour Stick in Gelati

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Step 1: Start in the corner of your eye and apply Vani-T Colour Crystal in Polished Silver. Sweep Across the entire lid up to the brow bone. Take a slightly flatter brush and lightly dab into the tear duct of the eye. Extend that line from the tear duct along your lower lash line toward the outer corner.

Step 2:Next, Using Moon Stone sweep into your outer V and crease. Blend these two colours together using a back & forth motion which will create the illusion of deeper-set, extra alluring eyes!

Step 3: Now, take Storm and work along the extreme outer corner of your eyelid and upper lash line. By creating a darker outer eye you deepen the look which gives that red carpet edge! Take Storm along your lower lash line to the middle of the eye. This is a subtle, diffused take on eyeliner. While still framing the eyes, there is not a harsh, definitive line. (Yet!)

Step 4: Using Vani-T Eye Definer in Denim line your upper water line followed by your lash line. Next taking an angled eyeliner brush (Or cotton tip) smudge this line at a 45 degree angle away from your lash line to create a soft rimmed smokey eye defining look. Finish out your eyes by apple 2-3 coats of Mineral Lash Mascara in a zig-zag motion. However, if that's not dramatic enough for you - take a tip from the Hollywood beauty book & apple some va-va-voom false lashes. *Tip: Be sure to apply mascara AFTER applying false lashes to blend the two & rid yourself of any tell-tale signs of fakies!

Step 5:  The Key to balancing a smokey eye is a porcelain face - something that Taylor has become known for! To achieve a flawless finish Vani-T Airbrush Foundation is recommended. This light weight formula sets with a flawless matte finish.

Step 6: Add a subtle pink glow to your cheeks to add depth to your face, define your cheeks & provide a blushingly beautiful finish to the apples! Vani-T Colour Stick in Gelati is the perfect cream blush that blends seamlessly with your foundation for a really natural glow.

Step 7: Lastly, pucker up with Vani-T Mineral Lip Glaze in Frisky Business to give yourself a flawless peachy pout. It's one of those shades that works with any skin tone & because it is a light pastel it gives the illusion of a fuller pucker!