Oscar's Shaving

I love that this product line was founded by a man on a mission to find the best shave he possibly could. I agree with a lot of what Oscar de Vries has to say about so many products on the shelves that claim this and they claim that but none of it is true and its just a great marketing scam. I also believe there are way too many shaving products out there that both men and women use without knowing what is actually in them and how harmful some of the chemicals can actually be. Then there is the actually packing a lot of products can in aerosol type cans, which aren’t only dangerous to people but also the environment. This is where I love the fact that Oscar has used non-flammable packaging that is actually made from a revolutionary ‘airless’ container. Which means they are a great idea to take travelling, as they are airplane safe.

Both my partner and I have never used a shaving oil in our lives, but will now admit after using Oscars Natural shaving oil it was the best shaves we have ever had…. Eek speaking like this sounds like I shave facial hair or something, but no I tried this oil both on my legs and then even the sensitive areas like under my arms and bikini line without a hassle in the world. I actually really, really loved shaving my legs with the oil. I wasn’t left looking all scaly and dry legged, instead I had this beautiful glow of hydrated skin. I wont be shaving these legs with anything else from now on. I also love with the women’s oil it comes in a really easy to use spray bottle so there is no oily mess on your hands or anything, and can easily be sprayed right onto the area that’s ready for shaving.
Now my partner loved the oil, but he still loved shaving the beard with the gel. This gel isn’t like the chemically filled ones you can find on the shelves. You actually have to work the gel into a nice lather, which I think is a great way to work with product in properly anyway. A lot of people out there just slap it on and then shave as it instantly foams. But this is probably the worse this I can think of for ingrown and red spots. You need to soften the hair and root to get a good smooth shave.
He loved this gel so much, and for very good reasons. This is the first time I have seen Matt have a shave without a nick or scratch on his face, it was left so soft and smooth. So when I saw these results, I had to give it a go for myself ( of course I don’t have a beard to try.) But I shaved one of my legs, and the results were great, my skin wasn’t itchy like it usually is when I use a shaving gel, and so far I have had no ingrown hairs, which for me is the best.

I would recommend these products to just about anybody I know who shaves.

OSCAR Natural Shaving Gel 150ml
RRP $8.99

 Available in Moisturising & Sensitive
 Stockists : Woolworths

OSCAR Natural Shaving Oil 15ml
RRP $7.99

Available in Moisturising & Sensitive
100% natural
Stockists : Coles, Priceline and airport pharmacies
Also available in 30ml : Coles (SA only) RRP $9.99