St Kilda Festival- A fun Free day

Who needs to pay a load of money for a musical festival when you have St Kilda Festival to attend for absolute free?! This particular year would have to have been the biggest one I have been to by far, the streets of St Kilda were packed. This year the St Kilda Festival entertains crowds of more then 400,000 people.

I was planning for a pretty crappy day weather wise, but St Kilda pulled it off once again, with loads of sunshine and a nice cool breeze (perfect festival weather.)

The reason I love St Kilda Festival so much is the fact that I can take my kids along and have them be entertained for the whole day. Yesterday  (Festival Sunday) my kids did everything from dancing at the main stage, patting a diamond snake, eating free watermelon or even chilling at the Nova 100 Lounge.

The line up for this year was amazing as well bringing in talents like:

MainStage- Oh Mercy, Pez, Bluejuice and even Cat Empire- This is just to name a few as well.

Then on some of the other stages you could find acts like- Eagle and the worm, Loon Lake ( my favourite), The refunds, Stereo King, The Twoks and so so many more amazing acts.

A great thing about St Kilda Festival is that there are dry areas as well as licensed areas, so you are able to drink as well as keep the kids in an alcohol free zone.  Unlike most years I hardly saw any alcohol being snuck in, and those who did drugs kept it really well hidden. The police were strolling the streets rather then controlling them, it was very low key and great.

This is a festival we go to each and every year and we have never been let down, both great for music lovers and families to.