Suvana Lip Balm

Move aside red tube and hello pretty yellow tube. 
I used to be a religious believer in Lucas paw paw balm. You mummies would know about it or even own it yourself, it's a little red tube or tub that works on just about anything. 

Well I have found a new product that tops the Lucas paw paw ointment. Not only does it contain paw paw it also has the extra healing powers of honey infused into one yellow tube. I personally think these tubes look more appealing then the old school paw paw balms. This balm is called Suvana Organic pawpaw and honey CERTIFIED ORGANIC lip balm.  As you can see in the images the product comes in a yellow tube, bright like the sun, with a little white red sun in the corner. 

The Suvana lip balm really does work on both my chapped lips and even on my little ones bum. I use this balm on my chapped elbows, and even after the beach when the sand has chafed my legs. Suvana honey and paw paw balm lives in my bag, I love it so much.

Not only are you helping your body stay beautiful your also keeping the environment beautiful.